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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
BlondeAbolition Brewery5.20Traditional Belgian blonde, but a little too sharp7.0
AmberAbolition Brewery5.20American-style Amber with sweetness on palate and light roast and copper on top.7.5
Milk StoutAbolition Brewery6.40Follows the standards of the genre, without managing to stand out.7.5
AurotaAbolition Brewery0.00A pale ale. (Other notes obscured by beer. Sorry!)7.0
Old Moor PorterAcorn4.60Creamy porter with burnt roasts which hold in the mouth. Some licorice flavours, but mostly overpowered by the roast aroma. Quite filling.7.0
SpindriftAdnams 5.00Cold filtered, tastes not disimillar to Leffe Blonde9.0
ExplorerAdnams0.00Have it with fish and chips!7.0
Tally-HoAdnams4.10Heading to a barley wine. Too sweet and cloying, really, with dark cherry bite. Biscuit and raisin on palate. Have no more than 1/38.5
Jack Branch Ease Up IPAAdnams4.60American style IPA. Solid, and manages to be an introduction to IPAs due to less obvious hop punch7.5
Affligem NoelAffligem9.00A dark spicy brew, with many many hiddens tastes such as cinnamon, fruit, sugary malts, aniseed, nutmeg, citrus and raisins9.0
Rye o RyeAlchemy5.60Biscuit golden dark amber. Soft bitter w/slight attack on a/t. Large head which dissipates after 5 minutse and/or 3rd moutful. 7.5
Liberty AleAnchor6.00Good America IPA. Good solid hop bitterness, balanced with aromatic sweetness courtesy of the malts.8.5
Anchor PorterAnchor 5.60Strong equivalent of the other anchor brews7.5
Christmas AleAnchor Steam0.00Variable - depending on the year8.5
Hertog Jan Gran PrestigeArcense Bierbrouwerij10.00Dark, malty beer with smokiness (often attributed to mild coffee/chocolate) SOmetimes considered a barley wine.8.0
Best BitterArchers 4.00Amber with smooth bitterness. Decent, but not as good as the Golden7.0
I BeerArt Brew4.00Light golden, with soft honey and vanilla aroma and taste. Bitter aftertaste. Vanilla follow through dominates, possibly to excess.6.0
Anastasias Exile StoutAscot Ales5.00Dark rich bottle ale. Visually flat, but discovers smooth bed of fizz when drunk. Rich and aromatic taste with dark caramel in taste.7.5
Alligator AleAscot Ales4.60US style single hop beer using cascade hops with refreshing rounded taste and citrus-come-meadow aroma. Light, but slightly bitter, taste with pleasant if shallow a/t. Session. Loses fizz quickly.7.5
Coffin Lane StoutAshover Brewery5.00Good nose, but standard chocolate/coffee taste. A straight mild.7.0
BhaiAspall 6.00Weird tangy drink, trying to be a 'proper' cider, but falling into the flavoured alcopop camp. Champagne yeast should have improved things, but just makes it dry.7.0
Augustiner DunkelAugustiner-Bräu5.60Close to ruby than dunkel. Very good, with malt and sweetness.8.0

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