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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
A over THogsback9.00A strange beer from this, usually traditional, brewery. Very strong in alcohol and flavour, like liquid raisins - which occupy nose and pallet. For dedicated fans only.8.0
Abbey St MartinSt Martins5.70Slightly sweet malt and spices make this a reasonable brune but ultimately non-descript7.0
Abbot AleGreene King5.00Full ripe flavours or malt, hops, with fruit and floral over tones. Good for cold weather.8.0
AdelardusKerkom7.00Very dark ruby colour, thin wet brown taste. No real aftertaste, so good for food.6.0
AdelscottFischer6.60Clear amber pils, with small head, but made with Whisky. Fruity notes and salmon aroma and dry finish. Good coating at end. Fizziness is similar to lager.9.0
Adriaen BrouwerRoman5.00Highly fermented brown beer, dark taste, but hollow4.0
Affligem NoelAffligem9.00A dark spicy brew, with many many hiddens tastes such as cinnamon, fruit, sugary malts, aniseed, nutmeg, citrus and raisins9.0
AlbaWilliam Bros Brewing Company7.50Tawny brown with spruce flavours and rich malt. The 'pine needle' infusion might appear as a gimmick, but that doesn't stop it been highly drinkable.8.0
Alligator AleAscot Ales4.60US style single hop beer using cascade hops with refreshing rounded taste and citrus-come-meadow aroma. Light, but slightly bitter, taste with pleasant if shallow a/t. Session. Loses fizz quickly.7.5
Alton's PrideTriple FFF3.80Light golden, but slightly cloudy, sharp fizzy beer with slight malt and growing aftertaste. Won 2008 champion beer. Good standard, yet inoffensive, beer.8.0
AmberAbolition Brewery5.20American-style Amber with sweetness on palate and light roast and copper on top.7.5
American Bitter Red21st Amendment4.40Amber color and floral nose with good malt backbone. Overdone on the bitterness, given the malt and ruby elements. Dry-hopped with cascade.7.5
Anastasias Exile StoutAscot Ales5.00Dark rich bottle ale. Visually flat, but discovers smooth bed of fizz when drunk. Rich and aromatic taste with dark caramel in taste.7.5
Anchor PorterAnchor 5.60Strong equivalent of the other anchor brews7.5
AngelDelhaize (contracted)8.50Golden colour with soft white foam head. Bright aroma with esters. Solid m/f and taste despite looking like pils. Slight bitter a/t. Not unpleasant, but lacking positive quality as _something_ is not fitting (pos sugar)7.0
Angel WitchElland brewery 3.80Dark amber, transient aftertaste. A quaffing ale.7.0
ApuahaZagorka (Heineken)4.50Good pils, but nothing exceptional given the field.7.0
Ara bierDe dolle brouwers8.00Golden haze with big head. Fizzy with tart apple tastes, but largesse in dryness and tart aftertaste which lingers for too long imo. 7.0
ArizonaPhoenix4.10Light golden blonde. Strong hop aftertaste but decent body. Not as dry as the real Arizona.7.0
AscalonOldershaw4.00Dry bitter, dark golden beer with slight aerorated head. Fruit touch on the tongue, but lacking aftertaste.7.0
Augustiner DunkelAugustiner-Bräu5.60Close to ruby than dunkel. Very good, with malt and sweetness.8.0
Auld HempHighland Brewery3.80Soft in taste and mouthfeel. Possibly session beer for newbies. Nothing to remember.6.0
AurelioTwo Fingers Brewing / Hepworth4.80Dusky amber colour, with sweet nose, and complex mix of sweet, bitter and citrus notes. Compares favourably to a less sweet Leffe.8.0
AurotaAbolition Brewery0.00A pale ale. (Other notes obscured by beer. Sorry!)7.0
Ayinger JahrhundertbierBrauerei Aying5.50Draw straw colour, caramel and toffee in mouth.8.0
Ayinger WinterbockBrauerei Aying6.70Very much like a dark lager, mixed with a mild.8.0

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