Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Leffe BruneLeffe6.50Very dark colour will fullsome head. Roasted malt, caramel, bitter and sweet. Server at 3-5 degrees in a wet chalice glass.9.5
Bush AmberDuboission12.00Strong beer, despite the colour. Bitter sweet with strong firmness.9.5
Mongozo CoconutMongozo3.50Single coconut taste, done well. It has a musky golden color with a white head. Has an aroma of pineapple and coconut. Hint of wheat at end of mouthfeel9.5
Kingston BlackHecks8.00Strong dry, spicy tang. Tout at back. Single blend cider with a lot of complexity. Cloudy cider withyellow, orange and gold colours.9.5
Westvleteren 12Westvleteren10.20Dark ruby, soft foam, fruit and floral aroma (could be perfume!), strong taste of anything you want it to be.9.5
Rochefort Trappist 10Rochefort 11.30Deep rich aroma, chocolate with sweetness and licorice.9.5
Chapeau LemonDeTroch3.50Amber beer, competing lemon and bitter.9.0
Kasteel BruneBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Top fermented with barley malt. Full bitter mouthfeel, long linger sweet aftertaste.9.0
Country CoolGrisette3.50Primarily apple. Refreshing. Little aftertaste.9.0
AdelscottFischer6.60Clear amber pils, with small head, but made with Whisky. Fruity notes and salmon aroma and dry finish. Good coating at end. Fizziness is similar to lager.9.0
Rauchbier MärzenBrauerei Heller-Trum5.10A slightly red, smoked beer! Like bacon or kippers, but never overpowering.9.0
Old TomRobinsons8.50Strong ale, good lasting head. Warm pepperish taste that's pure liquid licorice. A comfort beer, in every sense.9.0
Brakspear TripleBrakspear7.20Nuts in taste, and on the nose. With soft caramel and malts. Like and English Chimay. Has three processes. Goes with blue cheese.9.0
Fursty FerretHall and Woodhouse4.40Golden orange colour. Off-white head, and toffee aroma. Fruit, citris,pepper tastes, with a good (but not overpowering) caramel taste.9.0
Double Chocolate StoutWells and Youngs5.20Multi-medal winning dark ale, with complex rich chocolate malts and full mouthfeel. Quite sweet. Perfect beer to end an evening, or as comfort ale.9.0
Dorothy Goodbody Wholesome StoutWye Valley Brewery4.60Black, with a full and creamy head. Slightly dry, nutty and chocolate notes on the nose, with a slight thin fizz.9.0
Golden PrideFullers8.50Mahogany red, with toffee, spices, and malt flavours. Imagine a London Pride, but turned to 11.9.0
Affligem NoelAffligem9.00A dark spicy brew, with many many hiddens tastes such as cinnamon, fruit, sugary malts, aniseed, nutmeg, citrus and raisins9.0
Rodenbach Grand CruBrouwerij Rodenbach (Palm)6.00"Happy Juice"9.0
Duchesse de Bourgogne Brouwerij Verhaeghe 6.009.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12St. Bernardus10.50Rich ruby brown colour with spice and herbs in the taste, alongside the typical caramel and chocolate.9.0
SpindriftAdnams 5.00Cold filtered, tastes not disimillar to Leffe Blonde9.0
St Bernardus Abt 12Brouwerij ST.Bernard10.50Dark colour with soft rich flavour, and elements of fruit.9.0
GrottenbierBrouwerij ST.Bernard6.50Kept cool in caves at 11, this has 2nd bottle fermentation, and medium dark look with more taste than expected. Really tasty.9.0
Choko StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Pitch black beer with cola-like foam. Choc and vanilla aroma and smooth fluid mouth feel with a holding chocolate aftertaste akin to melted chocolate. Tastes like combination of dark and milk chocolate, like a gooey choc brownie. Good final beer of evenin9.0
Yule AleRise Bryggeri7.00Reddish ale with sweet and slightly spicy tang and gentle fizz. Has notes of a less rich ESB. Touch of banana.9.0
Golden Pride (tap)Fullers8.50As stunning as the bottled variety, with extra heat on a/t, like aroma of double salt licorice. Needs a coupe of mouthfulls to get into it.9.0
Chateau RougeGoutte d'Or6.50A proper red beer. Balanced. Tasty.9.0
Death or GloryTring7.20Strong, dark, and very much a barley wine. Could be a Christmas pudding in liquid form.9.0
Centurian's ghostYork5.40Hollow at start, but solid by end. Heading towards a session dark. A grower. 8.5
Blakeney RedHecks6.50Enjoyable tartness, good kick, Wonderful!8.5
Liberty AleAnchor6.00Good America IPA. Good solid hop bitterness, balanced with aromatic sweetness courtesy of the malts.8.5
Butty BachWye Valley Brewery4.50Full but understated ale, disipating head, smooth and light with dedicate fizz.8.5
Old GrowlerNethergate Brewery5.50A true winter beer. Deep ruby colours, with smooth roast malts and fruit tangs. Touch of licorice. Better than Pied Boeuf.8.5
Strong ArmCamerons4.00Deep ruby red coloured ale. Small full cream head. Tingles on tongue before a rush of smooth cream overpowers it. Lefted with creamed layer on tongue, and velvet head on lips.8.5
1845Fullers6.30Highly spiced, rich, copper/ruby ale. Bottled only. Good malt, slight sour taste, but pleasent. Fullsome mouthfeel.8.5
Newtons Medium PerryNewtons 7.00Strong pear taste, especially at end. Easy drinking, very good.8.5
MalzbierCramer0.00Very dark brown red body, fine head. Malt syrup but goes down smooth despite appearance. Slight hold on aftertaste. Hints of honey8.5
Brand PilsBrand5.00Despite being a pils, and from Heineken, this has a good hoppy taste which follows through into aftertaste. In short pils with bite and interest. Not disilimar to Urquell.8.5
Dancing HenFelstar6.00Brewed using double decoction. Quite sweet, but other many interest flavours, none of them easy to describe. Therefore, try it!8.5
Christmas AleAnchor Steam0.00Variable - depending on the year8.5
PerryBroadoak7.50Mild pear drop taste, with very weak lime over the top. No fizz. Infinitely drinkable8.5
Den Udødelige HestSvaneke Bryghuset7.50Guinness dark colour with dark brown foam head. Strong grain aroma. Caramel, roasted grain, very rich and filling taste, but a little too fizzy on after taste.8.5
Yarlington MillGwatkins8.00Fizzy golden yellow cider. Full-on apple aroma. Slightly too much syrup. Clean. No sediment.8.5
SchiehallionHarviestoun4.80Hoppy, strong and spicy which jumps out; something to remind you that lager can bite. 8.5
MaibockGordon Biersch8.00Tart bitter taste, with dryness holding into the a/t. A very perculiar over-arching taste (similarities to Dancing Hen from Felstar). Also named "Abusive Girlfriend", because it's strong abv makes it very bad for you; but the intruiging taste makes you co8.5
Verboden VruchtHoegaarden0.00The forbidden fruit with adam and eve label. Melted honey on toast flavour, with fizz. Medium brown husk appearance with shade similar to Grottenbier. Smooth, enjoyable8.5
JuraParadox15.00Overly dark and creamy, with a tight pallet and tayberry feel in mouth and on taste. Notes of dark demorare sugar, but without a full sweetness aftertaste. The whisky cask certainly helps here, and while Jura isn't my favourite Whisky, it's good enoug8.5
FraochWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00Amber ale with moderate malt taste, herbal (heather) flavours, and flora aroma. Good dry finish.8.5
Saison - 01|05 - Saphir & LemonBrew by Numbers5.30Light and refreshing, but with taste. Impressive piece of work.8.5
The Abbot's ConfessionGreene King8.50Red ruby color, with sweet and richness akin to ESB, or a Golden Pride if someone tipped berries into it8.5
Tally-HoAdnams4.10Heading to a barley wine. Too sweet and cloying, really, with dark cherry bite. Biscuit and raisin on palate. Have no more than 1/38.5
Whisky Cask CiderThistly Cross6.90Honey gives it a clear look and very smooth taste. Quite dry. Drink lots!8.5
NightporterBronckhorster8.00Pitch black stout. Chocolate, coffee, and liquorice. Too strong a coffee (for me) w/ berry hints. (7/10 for me 8.5 if you're coffee fan)8.5
Skull SplitterOrkney8.50Strong with fruity malt, and touches of balanced hop. With sweetness and spiceness.8.5
Whisky CaskThistly Cross6.90Blurb says: Matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks this is a dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. Nothing to add!8.5
PiraatVan Steenberge10.50Solid, but not a pils. Strong, with strong aftertaste.8.0
DubbleWitkap Pater 7.00Strong, solid brown. Like a winter ale, without having the xmas branding. It holds a wet aftertaste.8.0
FraisesChapeau De Troch3.50Fresh strawberries. Similar to a triffle, or jelly. Because it’s got the creaminess of a triffle. And the fresh is because it tastes like real fresh straws have been used, and not concentrate.8.0
Le Verger de GivernyThe orchard of Giverny5.00Sweet, slightly syrupy (so better watered with ice). Golden color. 8.0
MoonrakerJ W Lees7.50Smooth, 2nd hit of caramel, dry. Holds on the palette. Good with food. Might be too much for session.8.0
Oscar WildeMighty Oak3.50A good mild with hints of chocolate, malt, and coffee.8.0
GrottenbeirSt Bernadus 6.50Aromatic dark ale, thin, but nice taste. CO2 holds in the mouth8.0
Malheur Dark BrutMalheur 12.00Very strong, burnt caramel, disparates flavours with good complexities8.0
Fruit de BoisGrisette3.50Liquid fruit, sweet, light, minimal CO2 and lingering aftertaste8.0
Wittekerk RoseBavik4.30Wheat-based fruit beer. Raspberry aroma. Not too sweet.8.0
Pitch blackEverards4.30Dark stout, roast aftertaste, strong bitter.8.0
Hoegaarden RoséHoegaarden, InBev4.50Very fruity nose, very little as it goes down, but very little sweetness. Framboise dies quickly.8.0
Kasteel BlondeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Good blonde leanings, with fizz. Both dissipate.8.0
Leute BokbierVan Steenberge7.50Good solid brown/dark red beer. Very prominent aftertaste. Yeast, cheery, and fruit flavours.8.0
Dorothy Goodbodys Golden AleWye Valley Brewery4.20Great aroma of hops and citris, with smooth flow and gentle mouthfeel. Has a few bubbles. Earthy finish8.0
Old BobRidley's, through Greene King5.10Rounded, smooth, red bitter. Dark fruity aroma. Enjoyable direct mouthfeel.8.0
Coopers Sparking Ale Coopers5.80Light, fizzy, and refreshing, with golden colour and quite sweet malts. Yeast must be suspended.8.0
Abbot AleGreene King5.00Full ripe flavours or malt, hops, with fruit and floral over tones. Good for cold weather.8.0
Jaipur IPAThornbridge Brewery5.90Lovely bouquet, underpinning the honey tastes than come later. Strong hoppiness, which dissipates into a tight bitter finish8.0
Keizer KarelHaacht9.00Blonde Belgian beer with truly wonderful aroma. Hoppy and light, but heavy in alcohol. Intriguing.8.0
TemptationDurham Brewery10.00A Russian stout with black body, cola-like head, with brown scintilating head rounded bitterness with soft chocolate malts, hints of burnt coffee and licorice.8.0
Ramblers RuinBreconshire Brewery5.00Dark amber beer made with crystal and black malts. Mild tastings, smooth with sensible head and good body. Holds with soft malt in mouth. Touch of biscuit.8.0
Otley GardenOtley Brewing5.40Honey touches throughout beer - mouthfeel, taste and follow-through. Light, murky (but pleasant) visually, with light co2.8.0
Three FeathersGreat Orme5.00Good mix of bitter and sweet. Slight cream texture. Light taste and mouthfeel.8.0
Schöfferhofer HefeweizenBinding-Brauerei (Oetker Group)5.00Sweet apple and citrus aroma. Amber colour wheat beer with tang of green banana. Not much of aftertaste, which is fortunate given the fruits already present.8.0
Brand Dark BrownBrand3.50Brown ale, like name suggests. Light malt taste (like a malzbier-lite), strong aftertaste of hop and honey, with all tastes pulling together.8.0
Redstreak SVPerry’s of Somerset6.00A cider, despite the name. Medium sweet, intoxicating aroma. Good introduction to real cider.8.0
A over THogsback9.00A strange beer from this, usually traditional, brewery. Very strong in alcohol and flavour, like liquid raisins - which occupy nose and pallet. For dedicated fans only.8.0
Alton's PrideTriple FFF3.80Light golden, but slightly cloudy, sharp fizzy beer with slight malt and growing aftertaste. Won 2008 champion beer. Good standard, yet inoffensive, beer.8.0
Black Dog FreddyBeckstones3.80Black in name and nature. Not hollow, but balanced and slight in taste and a/t. Mellow throughout, while keeping all characteristics of a mild. Grows to session.8.0
Monkman's SlaughterCropton6.00Full rounded beer which is nicely rich and warmed like a coal fire at midnight. A full-rounded mouthfeel and taste reminiscent of fruit and nut chocolate, slightly over burnt with caramel.8.0
Ruby MildHopshackle5.80Dark ruby in colour, with light foam head. Basic malt aromd, but sweet malts means strains of Belgian stout, "Hercule" are here - only without the licorice.8.0
RedwingPotton4.80Red means ruby - ruby in full-bodied visual appeal, ruby in follow through, ruby in the malt and fruit aroma. Quickly dying fruit finish.8.0
TaiphoonHopback Brewery4.20Light ale with corresponding light golden colour. Soft foam head, and delicate taste. Primary tang is lemongrass, making it good for mild curries (as anything stronger would destroy the taste) slight fruityness also. Although soft cream and mixed hop tast8.0
Gulden DraakBrewery Van Steenberge10.50Triple. Dark as Kasteel Bruin, with a light tart-ness like a Faro or Gueuze. Good beer, but not sure what it wants to be.8.0
Hertog Jan Gran PrestigeArcense Bierbrouwerij10.00Dark, malty beer with smokiness (often attributed to mild coffee/chocolate) SOmetimes considered a barley wine.8.0
Kingston BlackMillwights6.00Dry, good follows at back of mouth, but not as interesting or layered as the Heck's cider from the same apple8.0
Double Brown AleSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Raisin aroma with sour dough mouthfeel. Deep brown, foamy head, gives way to quaffable, session brown ale, more taste in aftertaste that during drinking.8.0
Rød QuinuaSøgaards Bryghus4.50Golden red beer with fruit blossom. Morrello (sour) cherry. Not sure if this is trying to be a ruby beer and misses or a fruit beer and makes it.8.0
Stout Kong ArthurRise Bryggeri6.00Dense black beer, with roast grain and bitter chocolate on the nose. Rich roasted grain and smooth warming taste, between a stout and a mild. Would hold its own in the UK stout market8.0
Utzon Center DarkSøgaards Bryghus5.60Solid black appearance, but the base maintains a transparency with visible suspended grain. Distinctive smell roasted malts, follows in taste, reminiscent of good English mild stout. Good accompaniment to a traditional home made steak pie8.0
Gwatkins PerryGwatkins8.00Fizzy, full mouthfeel, continues to tingle in aftertaste8.0
IPAMeantime7.50Masculine beer, with aromatic nose. Light but full bitterness, with slight rough after-taste.8.0
Coffee PorterMeantime6.00Aroma of unroasted beans, taste of cold coffee. Drinkable in an odd way. Enjoyment is 100% linked to coffee (unlike coffee-like milds). Similar to Temptation (Durham)8.0
St MungoWest Beer4.90Tight bitterness, light but filling with rounded fizzziness and butter on nose to follow through. A/t is dry bitterness that disappears on tongue (touches sides), but holds and follows through finishing crisp8.0
Billy Sunday BitterMagnolia Brew Pub4.70Musky homebrew aroma with golden body and small foam head. Smooth rich, like English ale (Abbot, possibly) despite initial misgivings. Session alt. Not overtly suitable for food.8.0
HefeweizenGordon Biersch5.50Banana notes are of dried blackened variety, similar to Mitchel Krausse. A/t holds bitneress, although not overtly bitter in itself. Smooth mouthfeel in a/t like thick banana milk shake, or smoothie.8.0
Czeh PilsnerGordon Biersch5.60A "nothing wrong with it" beer. More spice and/or bitter (in alternate sequence) than a Czech variants (or is it just because it doesn't travel), but probably skewed to USA taste preferences for IPA8.0
Farmers GloryWadworth4.70Moderate red colour. Rich and malty, very obvious orange peel. Not a session, but strength akin to Broadside.8.0
Little Creatures Pale AleLittle Creatures5.20Hop (Chinook and Cascade) nose, creamy malt mouth feel. Golden syrup in color, with smallish head. Very pleasant.8.0
Lord MarplesTigertops4.00Smooth flowing beer with soft fizz and lively foam head. Rounded bitterness and highly drinkable.8.0
London StoutMeantime4.50Black with tinges of deep red if held to light. Finger-high foam head. Deep roast tastes, leading lighter in a/t, which leaves tingle (asking you to return.) Magically hidden smoke. Blow-torched vegemite-on-toast. Dry finish, but not so bitter8.0
IPAMeantime7.50Caramel fused with Belgium-based blonde. Full, bouncy, with sparkling bitter on tongue in a/t.8.0
London PorterMeantime6.50Very strong, dark red with black tinges. Smoked chocolate and brown malts and 100% fuggle hop. Caramelized sugar taste, but without the overpowering sweetness. Rich aroma, with slight raisin. An end of evening beer; max 2 per session.8.0
St. StefanusVan Steenberge7.00Abbey beer fom Ghent. Golden amber, with creamy mouthfeel, and biscuit notes. Pleasany dry aftetaste. Uses live yeast, in bottle, so can be left.8.0
Organic DarkFreedom4.70Not dark, but dark golden/ruby with a soft cream and light bitterness. The bitterness re-touches the palate in the aftertaste. Touch of sweetness8.0
1850 London PorterPitfield5.00Thin velvet-like tayberry, which opens out in the aftertaste. Still coffee-style bitterness in palate. Better if gulped.8.0
White BearKempsey4.50Golden ale, slight head and moderate fizz. Caramel taste and cream malt with long bitterness and hop that lingers.8.0
Temple BrauPorterhouse4.30Light, almost candy sugar on tongue (sim Leffe), but very light in comparison.8.0
Brain BlastaPorterhouse7.00Golden and compact offwhite head. Sweet aroma and malty taste. Weak fizz and long bitter a/t8.0
Imperial StoutYoungs10.00Smooth, rice, with everything that an imperial stout should be. Maybe not different enough to chocolate stout in quality to warrant the price difference. (Rem: it's in smaller bottles, too!)8.0
Hazelnut Coffee PorterSaltaire4.60A conflicted beer, which is smooth but not really a porter. With coffee for sure, but barely notes of hazelnut.8.0
Pathfinder - Gluten Free AleGlebe Farm4.20Clean and crisp, almost lager in style, with slight touches of malt. No difference between it and gluten-based beer.8.0
AlbaWilliam Bros Brewing Company7.50Tawny brown with spruce flavours and rich malt. The 'pine needle' infusion might appear as a gimmick, but that doesn't stop it been highly drinkable.8.0
GrozetWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00A gooseberry beer. Gimmick, for sure, but as a doubly fermented beer that's half way between light ale and wheat beer is more drinkable that it should be!8.0
MerlynGreat Orme Brewery 4.90Strong, slightly spicy, with bitter spice at end.8.0
Red HerringGreen Jack4.20Smoked, but not rauchen, beer with nice malt. Made with Challenger hops. Notes of fruit and dry finish8.0
FUBARTiny Revel4.40Husky golden beer with floral hops and dry spice bitter. Also slightly tart w/cream. Tastes confuse itself, but pleasant.8.0
AurelioTwo Fingers Brewing / Hepworth4.80Dusky amber colour, with sweet nose, and complex mix of sweet, bitter and citrus notes. Compares favourably to a less sweet Leffe.8.0
Augustiner DunkelAugustiner-Bru5.60Close to ruby than dunkel. Very good, with malt and sweetness.8.0
Ayinger JahrhundertbierBrauerei Aying5.50Draw straw colour, caramel and toffee in mouth.8.0
Ayinger WinterbockBrauerei Aying6.70Very much like a dark lager, mixed with a mild.8.0
L'AngelusLa Chapelle d'Armentieres7.00Fragrant pale ale with fizz, and stoic aftertaste. Amusing label design of religious fervor.8.0
RhubarbedSandford Orchard's5.50Tang of rhubarb, hence the name, but despite the gimmick is dry-to-medium and complex.8.0
IngwerC K Brower0.00Smooth, light fizz. Touch of giners8.0
MiodoweC K Brower0.00Musky fruit beer, w/pungent a/t Too much spice and honey. But still tasty.8.0
La ChapelleGoutte d'Or5.00Bright, aromatic foam which bubbles endlessly. Musky. Similar to Karmeliet, in a good way8.0
Craftsman CiderKentish Pip5.90Apple juice, with very slight extra tartness. no fizz. Doesn't feel like there's alcohol in there.8.0
Golden DropBarbourne5.00Apple juice with passion fruit tang. No fizz. Highly pleasant.8.0
Roundhead PerryCromwell's5.20Simple perry. Direct in flavour. Highly drinkable.8.0
Smokin AngelLeighton Buzzard4.50Light-weight rauchbier, with smoke, malt, and all the expected tastes. But in a "lite" format. Still worthwhile.8.0
Queue de CharrueBrasserie Vanuxeem5.40A Vieille brune flamande (old Flemmish brown) with excellent sour notes and an over hint on balsamic vinegar. (In a good way.)8.0
Hacker-Pschorr Braumeister PilsHacker-Pschorr5.00Golden, clear, with head. As good as most other Munich-style beers.8.0
ProvhaStaropramen4.00Light version of Staropramen, similar to a Becks vier. Crisp, dry, and fizzy. A Czech-lite experience.8.0
Bohemia RegentJ.W.Lees5.00Crisp, dry, with fizz. Fulfills expectations, without exceeding in anything.8.0
Fresh Root Ginger CiderThistly Cross4.00Full bodied to the point it tastes like strawberry jam. But it's a clear gold colour and medium dry, otherwise.8.0
Moritz (bottle)Cerveses Moritz5.40An improved version over the cask equivalent. Favourable parallels to Sagres Bohemia8.0
GladiatorLilley's8.50Strong rustic cider, like a slightly thinned scrumpy with raw touches, without being painful8.0
Pear CidreL'Atypique4.50Tangy and clean, proving that pear doesn't need to taste like pear drops.8.0
Castle Milk StoutSouth African Breweries, SABMill6.00Black body, creamy head. Surprising refreshing.7.5
Sweet ChariotMarston4.80Spicy, strong smell on nose - but not palette, citrus fruit and hops.7.5
Old Monty Dry CiderMontgomery Cidermakers6.00Golden haze, sour Welsh cider. A little rough, ends well with tight dryness7.5
Wilkins DryWilkins6.00Dry, warm, and soft. Good apple acidity. Fluid taste.7.5
Super Bock - LemonUnicer4.00Overiding lemon syrup with strains of Desperados, but with additional sweetness. Similar tannins of whisky beer.7.5
Dorothy Goodbodys Christmas AleWye Valley Brewery6.00Golden ruby, full malts, delicate spice aroma. Roast character at side. Could almost be a porter.7.5
DiscoveryFullers4.20Lager malts for lightness with slight biscuit flavours and a fruity zest. Rarely used Saaz hops. Intended for summer.7.5
Santas Little HelperCaledonian3.70This is copper red in colour with a large foam head and already looks the Christmas part. Malt aroma, with sweet caramel taste, but ending in bitterness. Slight tangs of fruit and leaf.7.5
Pickled SantaHopback6.00Fizzy and spicy, with good over notes. Has feel of Christmas beer, and strong enough to make you fall asleep in front of the fire7.5
Burton BitterMarston3.80Golden red in colour, but a light beer, with slight hoppy tang, and biscuit taste as it washes past. 7.5
Oatmeal StoutBuntingford4.40Solid chocolate mild, with bitterness bite on back of palete. Solid taste. Slight coffee tang to it.7.5
Anchor PorterAnchor 5.60Strong equivalent of the other anchor brews7.5
Golden ValleyBreconshire Brewery4.20Single variety soft hop. Gentle and direct bitterness with subtle tastes. Session.7.5
Malzbier(sports bar one)0.00More grainy and less refined than other. Very slightly bitter. Hints of horlicks. Slighter wetter and less rich.7.5
Früh KölschFrüh4.80Pils like Sion Kölsch, but with hoppy aftertaste that grows in mouth.7.5
Kasteel RougeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck8.00Red due to cherry, not ruby. Morello cherry aroma, with slight bitterness in a cherry pie filling. Long lingering aftertaste. Vibrant mouthfeel. Too much taste for many.7.5
La Trappe Dubbel De Koningshoeven Brewery7.00Dark ruby red, light foamy head, slightly yeast aroma and continuing flavour. Yeast can be piercing in places.7.5
4x4Wye Valley Brewery4.40Light golden ale, with sparkling fizz. Straight and fresh taste. Good aroma. No a lot of aftertaste. Better than expected for a branded ale.7.5
Waterloo DoubleDu Bocq8.50Brown and ruby colour, but straight brown taste. Slight fruit materializes on the back of the palet after a few seconds.7.5
BersalisBrasserie Oud Beersel9.50Recently created beer. Light blond, extra bitterness aftertaste with sweet aroma. With improvement could be a Leffe.7.5
Stone Caligornia Double IPAStone Brewery7.00Surprising deep golden ale. Hoppy (natch!) with malt backing.7.5
King Summer AleKing 4.00Light golden colour, refreshing bitterness. Slightly watery mouthfeel and aftertaste. Possibly too fizzy. Unassertive taste.7.5
Gravediggers mildChurch End3.80Mild taste, with burnt nose, and resonating soft toffee taste. A light porter. Dry on aftertaste.7.5
Premier BitterMoorhouse3.70Amber session beer. Standard pint, but good.7.5
Blackeney Red SV PerryHacks6.20Smooth, sweet, rounded, no sticky aftertaste.7.5
Oldfield SV PerryOliver's Orchards6.00Sharper and sweeter than the Hecks Blakeney. Still good.7.5
Worth the WaitBeeston4.20Golden ale, with slightly sparkling. Dry bitterness, with extra co2 on aftertaste.7.5
Orkney BlastHighland6.00Golden fullsome mouthfeel to remind you it's light , but strong biscuit malt a/t ultimately sits heavier on pallet. Woody aroma.7.5
Lord Lee'sNorth Yorkshire4.70Bright and fizzy beer, that's red-brown in colour and twin pairings of malt and sugar. Malt bitter after-taste.7.5
Gunners DaughterOld Cannon5.50Fizzy, yet rich, strong ale that's smooth throughout - from taste, to fullsome mouthfeel, to after-taste. Undetermined hop taste with fruity hops.7.5
Sweetheart StoutTennent Caledonian Breweries2.00Pours with consistency of cola, but less fizz. Aroma is spicy and sweet-between cinnamon and aniseed, which follows in the tastes. Thin, un-stout like. Holds well, easy drinker.7.5
Anastasias Exile StoutAscot Ales5.00Dark rich bottle ale. Visually flat, but discovers smooth bed of fizz when drunk. Rich and aromatic taste with dark caramel in taste.7.5
Alligator AleAscot Ales4.60US style single hop beer using cascade hops with refreshing rounded taste and citrus-come-meadow aroma. Light, but slightly bitter, taste with pleasant if shallow a/t. Session. Loses fizz quickly.7.5
EquinoxBrasserie De La Senne8.00Deep ruby to black in colour. Opens with fruity hops and strong bitterness, followed by a good continuing bitterness in the mouthfeel which lingers well into the aftertaste7.5
Taras Boulba Brasserie De La Senne4.50Slightly cloudy, not as bitter on initial taste as thought as it's balanced with quite a high hop content. But this beds down on tongue, and holds in a/t, to reveal solid bitterness.7.5
Dark HorseØRBÆK5.00Dark ruby with good head. Taste of bitter roasted malts, with only a subtle malt in aroma. Good beer to change gear from pale ales to dark ales7.5
JomfruhumleSøgaards Bryghus4.80Subtle grain aroma, and coloured a deep red. Strains of mild ESB and/or similarity to Doom Bar.7.5
ÆRØ Hertug Hans - No 5 ValnodRise Bryggeri7.00Good transition beer, that red fruit colour and maple aroma and flavour in a beer. Good with ribs or proper burger and chips with American bbq sauces or other sweet smoky sauces with a tomato base. Elements of AoverT or Tay Berry.7.5
ÆRØ Dark AleRise Bryggeri6.00Deep brown colour with a mild grain smell. Tastes of rich solid roasted grain, with a hint of caramel. Would hold it's own against most UK brown ales. The organic version has elements of cognac.7.5
Dark HorseØRBÆK5.00Dark ruby with good head. Subtle malt on nose, but tasting of bitter roasted malts. Good beer to change gear from pale ales to dark ales7.5
Mythique0.00Pure yellow golden, good foam head, citrus aroma, smooth mouthfeel and slightly tingle.7.5
ZagorkaZagorka (Heineken)5.00Bulgarian lager. Good pils, due to strength and not being like Heineken!7.5
Ezel BruinEzel8.50Sweet, slightly sugar with some caramel on aftertaste. Mild hop notes. Better taste than smell. Longer a/t if left, but muggy7.5
Firefly BitterFirefly0.00Light, slight fizz, no head, dark golden colour with lacings.7.5
Wild Oat StoutGlencoe Brewery0.00Perfectly drinkable oatmeal, but is either 'a cliche' or 'a template' of this style7.5
Black Jack PorterCliff Quay4.50Named for the anisseed sweet, much more pronounced in aroma, less in taste. If only it could have followed through.7.5
Smocked BockMeantime0.00Smooth, slightly fizzy, smokey aroma and taste, but subdued by soft malt mouth feel7.5
Hole Hearted Oakleaf4.70Golden yellow over-foamy (but my pint was lively, so might not be true) No taste problem, smooth bitter coating,good hop on nose, but less so on taste, going to dry bitterness instead.7.5
Organic BlondeHepworth5.00Clean golden colour and strong floral aroma. Similar to Asahi. Touch fizzy on start, settles to easy malt base. Lack of real a/t (but unlike Asahi, still strong on palete)7.5
Redhook ESBRedhook5.80Like full sail, with extra bitterness. ESB might be modeled after UK-style ESB, but it isn't.7.5
Golden ExportGordon Biersch5.00Large foam head, very light golden, surprising dry bitter, heading drier about 20 seconds into a/t7.5
SchwarzbierGordon Biersch4.29Good darker ale with roasted coffe-like finish and soft, slightly sweet and dry, malty over tones. But no points of difference from the 100 similar wannabe's in the market.7.5
North Star Red21st Amendment6.50Strong ruby fruit, dark red in colour, over a malt with tang and holding bitterness on tongue.7.5
CullodenCairngorm4.20Ruby red with port and fruit notes. Dry finish, and occasional other fruits.7.5
Okells AltOkells Brewery5.00Dark copper, cream head, and smooth. Not at 'alt' in the traditional sense.7.5
StrandgaperSchelde Brouwrik6.20Musky golden with tart stringent notes, with dry banana a/t, giving it more a wheat beer feel than blond of its description7.5
Harvest PaleCastle Rock3.80Supreme Champion at the 2010 GBBF. Good easy-drinking blonde beer with mild bite in a/t. Decent drink, but might as well be called 'Discovery' with all the similaraties it has with Fullers beer.7.5
PostmistressSandstone4.40Dark red in colour and smokey a/t. Worth trying.7.5
't Gaverhopke't Gaverhopke0.00Musty barley wine. MIght have been off.7.5
Union Amber AleMeantime4.90Amber ale is not amber! It's a light reddish brown, Vienna-style lager. Dry finish but wet a/t with too much fizz to make it a quaffer. Leads to a sipping drink, which leads to a lesser taste than you want with red and Vienna's.7.5
PerlaChmielowa6.00Big creamy malt. Fulsome pils. Needs foods to balance.7.5
KasztelanCarlsberg Polska 6.80Strong pils, but clean and crisp, with only slight cream of other Polish beers. Still has a fulnes sin throat. Lots of fizz tingle on tongue, slightly sour aftertaste.7.5
Texels BockTexels (Lowlander)7.00Light body with rich tastes. caramell touch with soft tongue finish. Like M+S Belgium Lager, but with darker overtones7.5
MagmaTroubador9.00Tripe IPA. Dry tingle with strong sour notes that tingle afterwards. Husky orange colour, like the bottle, with zesty on tongue.7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5
Port EllenHartlands6.80Whisky cask, dark golden, sharp tartness, especially in aftertaste. Gulp, not sim, to get extra sharp hit.7.5
IPA is Dead - ChallengerBrewdog6.70Hop-based, light ale, following with a light cream. A real contrast to the other two. I think I was offered this to offset the cost of the others, actually! It is too hoppy for me to session this, but a good, but not remarkable beer.7.5
BerneBrewers Union5.00Unfiltered light golden/amber ale. Slightly dry, with slight rum notes and cream.7.5
EInstock PorterEInstock6.00Fruit cake on the nose, coffee on the tongue, but not as roasted as name suggested. It's either the Icelandic water, or biscuit and chocolate malts that offset them.7.5
Hop headPorterhouse4.80Hoppy (obviously!) with velvet malt and bitter bite on back7.5
Sunburnt Irish RedEight Degress Brewing5.00"Vimto beer". fruity berry, frothy cream on start. Will satiate palate quickly, like tayberry.7.5
Nelson SauvinMarstons4.00NZ hop. Clear biscuit golden, no head or co2. Refreshingly clean, slight cloy omn palate. Slight hold on a/t. Sip to get strong hop. Gulp for refreshment. Satiates by pint end. Aroma of gooseberry/grapefruit/citrus7.5
MilestoneLoxley4.20Fairly standard ale, low bitterness, moderate cream.. but an extra surprise if you gulp, as it tastes like cheese and onion crisps.7.5
BuddingStroud4.50A straw coloured pale ale - a standard that ticks all the boxes with sweet malt and floral.7.5
Red hunterHammerpot4.30Flowing red ale with roasted malt, and long finish. Prefix with Red Barn (e.g.) to get an extra coffee hit7.5
ExcelsoirOssett5.20A dependable strong pale ale, from a dependable brewery.7.5
HorsesugarWood Street3.90A light malty taste, without an abundance of hop, by slightly tart. Something to have in halves.7.5
KelpieWilliam Bros Brewing Company4.40Rich chocolate beer with touch of salt. Claims to be seaweed - could be, but just salt and 'interesting' tastes to my buds.7.5
HoggleysSolstice Stout5.00Expectant black stout using malt and wheat. The latter takes the edge of what should be brilliant, since nothing exists in a pure enough form to shine through. Did win ''best local drink'' for Northamptonshire, which might appeal to those that share the water table, but misses the mark for those that don't. Still good.7.5
Stout - 08|01 - Export StrengthBrew by Numbers6.60The stout's also good, with more of an espresso tang that I was expecting.7.5
American Bitter Red21st Amendment4.40Amber color and floral nose with good malt backbone. Overdone on the bitterness, given the malt and ruby elements. Dry-hopped with cascade.7.5
Black AleStone Brewing Co.5.00Sillky black, heading to Budvar black, with many added hops so feels like American IPA7.5
Toasted Oak IPAInnis & Gunn5.60Light biscuit malt, overpowered by the usual range of floral/earth/citrus. Good a/t. Good beer, but given their others, it's a let down.7.5
Honey FayreConwy4.50Smooth beer, despite lots of bitter sediment at bottom. Standard ale, drinkable, with touch of the Welsh version of Double Dragon7.5
Op & TopDe Molen4.50Dutch hoppy beer. Trying to be too clever, and turns out like every other hoppy 'artisan' beer7.5
Bier AmbreePage 246.90A solid amber beer, with all expected accoutrements. Better on tap, though.7.5
Jenlain AmbreeBrasserie Duyck7.50Very odd amber beer, in a can. An amber can. Strong and nutty flavours, and quite palatable.7.5
Den 12Brouwerij 't Gaverhopke12.00Dark brown with beige foam. Solid fruit tastes, but nothing lingers. Lost opportunity, but drinkable for 3-4 glasses.7.5
Farmhouse CiderCornish Orchard4.80Fruit aromas and apple flavour. Mellow, and easy entry level.7.5
PerryThatcher's6.00A decent, if uncomplex, perry. Have everything you expect, not much more, but well executed7.5
Winter WoollyCotswold Lion Brewery6.70Black w/slight cola foam. Nutty. Reasonably smooth.7.5
Rye o RyeAlchemy5.60Biscuit golden dark amber. Soft bitter w/slight attack on a/t. Large head which dissipates after 5 minutse and/or 3rd moutful. 7.5
C K JasneC K Brower0.00Like Urqell. Good and bright pils. Slight spice, but slightly tart7.5
WeizenC K Brower0.00W/o the usual banana overload, but as if a lemon had been dropped in7.5
DunkelC K Brower0.00Light malt, light fizz, doesn't stain palate. Inoffensive version of something that should have been better7.5
Myrha Pale AleGoutte d'Or5.00Spiked bitter palate. Cloudy golden colour. Hopped fizz. No head7.5
Shed Head Backyard Brewery4.60US-style IPA dry hopped with Cascade and Citra, but very much a Pale Ale. Fulfills on its promises7.5
YoreLyme Bay Winery4.00Like a popularist cider: bright, sparkling, fun, but with honey through line7.5
Bad AppleCarlsberg5.104-blend cider with a slight tang in main body, and sherbet at end. Touch of inspiration from US ciders.7.5
Jack Branch Ease Up IPAAdnams4.60American style IPA. Solid, and manages to be an introduction to IPAs due to less obvious hop punch7.5
AmberAbolition Brewery5.20American-style Amber with sweetness on palate and light roast and copper on top.7.5
Milk StoutAbolition Brewery6.40Follows the standards of the genre, without managing to stand out.7.5
Old WallopDavy's4.80Malty, light co2, but rich beer similar to Directors or Speckled Hen7.5
Indian Pale AleRise Bryggeri5.50Pleasant golden colour but undiscernable aroma. On a par with most other UK IPA's however a little less bitter. Slight caramel after taste. Organic version is more sour, this is sweeter.7.3
Pink KillerDeSilly4.70Citrisy (grapefruit) blonde, refreshing. Good for long hot summer days, or to lighten the pallet after a brown. 7.0
Old LagerMutzig6.90Means "old lager", and stronger than the standard (4.5%). Standard clean French lager, transient after taste. Drink in glasses - not pints.7.0
DesperadosFischer 5.90'Desperate' in Spanish, and flavoured with tequila. Tries to give a macho image to pleasant alcopop!7.0
Cherry StoutBartrams4.80Similar to Mackeson's in consistency, with chocolate. Slight chestnut on side of mouth. Cherry is almost hidden!7.0
Dark FantasticSpectrum3.50Mild with dark ruby colour. Sweet-ish, with a flavour of caramel, toffee, and malt.7.0
Gentse Trippel Brouwerij Van Steenberge8.00Wet, bitter, decent after kick7.0
Dubble bruinSteenbrugge (Palm)6.50Gentle brown, but the real taste comes in the aftertaste, where it’s still gentile " but agreeable.7.0
Pageant AleElgoods4.30Pale brown bitter, fizzy, spicy aftertaste, notes of herbs.7.0
Angel WitchElland brewery 3.80Dark amber, transient aftertaste. A quaffing ale.7.0
Sagres PretaCentral de Cervejas4.10Dark beer, with deep red and ruby color. Harsh bitterness. If you hate coffee - you'll score this 3.7.0
Dulle Teve, TripleDe Dolle10.00"Mad Bitch" Musky amber, thin head, non-sour geuze. Evolving taste.7.0
BinkKerkom5.50Musky blonde with large head. Tang of bitterness, with initial wetness. Needs neutral pallet.7.0
BoerkenDe Proefbrouwerij9.50Dark ruby red with fullsome head. Good aroma, nice solid bitterness & extra layer of port as it hits the throat. Flavour dissipates with food.7.0
Super Bock - AbadiaUnicer6.40No real sense of aroma, same smooth syrup of the normal Super Bock. Slightly fizzy, enveloping light creamy caramel.7.0
Super Bock - StoutUnicer5.00Same visual look as cola. Soft coffee cream texture. co2 on side of mouth, smooth feel once this goes. Not stout in the traditional word.7.0
Oude de GeuzeChapeau De Troch6.00Very sour, straight apple fruit hit. Slightly cloudy with a golden haze.7.0
Fortis roseHuyghe0.00Similar to Wittekek rose, not sweet, less strong tastes, can fill cheeks with fruit (like cider)7.0
Dorothy Goodbodys Country AleWye Valley Brewery6.00Dark ruby, with full head. Mixed malt taste, with floral after notes.7.0
Old TripHardy and Hansons4.70Fizzy head, thin but firm bitter taste. Really good bitter on aftertaste.7.0
Clouded YellowSt Austell4.80Delicate bottle conditioned with citrus, spices, and vanilla. Slight maple tastes, but destroyed slightly by over carbonation. Interestingly brewed with 50% wheat and 50% barley.7.0
ArizonaPhoenix4.10Light golden blonde. Strong hop aftertaste but decent body. Not as dry as the real Arizona.7.0
Best BitterArchers 4.00Amber with smooth bitterness. Decent, but not as good as the Golden7.0
SnicklemasElgoods5.00Musky golden brown. Light with good caramel and touches of Tiger (also Elgoods)7.0
Steam SleighRCH Brewery3.80Light gold with bitter caramel, light with citrus zest. Light color with small but pleasant head. Sweet aroma. Nothing Christmasy7.0
Good King LeglessHarviestoun4.50Mellow taste, that drops smoothly down, with a bite at the back. Sharp bitterness at back of tongue. Slight scent of orange peel and malt.7.0
Landlords ChoiceWylam4.60Golden hoppy beer. Akin to Discovery.7.0
Old ArthurBig Lamp4.25Thin textured with cider flow,but with bitter head. Has notes of lime.7.0
TournamentGoff Brewery4.00Amber brown, thin head, and old fashioned malt taste on tongue. Slight biscuit taste. Soft lingering after-taste. Thin liquid texture7.0
Good King SenselessVale Brewery5.20Solid and straight beer, with little fizz and mild bitterness. But nothing specifically Christmasy7.0
Reindeers DelightOakleaf4.50Combined crystal and chocolate malts give this a rounded taste with soft bitterness, effective raisin and sultana aftertaste. Constant hop through.7.0
Floris HoneyFloris4.50Strong set honey taste and texture over tongue. Nice bitter at edge, but not as all encompassing as honey ales like Waggledance. Uses wheat beer as base7.0
Countryman Sweet CiderCountryman 6.50Good sweet cider7.0
Winter MeltdownDark Star5.00Ginger tang not unlike Thai curry. Holds well. Mild caramel aftertaste on tongue7.0
Betty StogsSkinners4.00Cloudy and slow to settle, light bitter colour, biscuit in there, with good mouthfeel, but stains palete slightly - certainly more than it should for session ale (for which this would otherwise be perfect)7.0
Black Swan MildVale3.90Black with coloured bubbles. Thin tingle of aftertaste, carbonated mouthfeel7.0
Edinburgh GoldStewart4.80Standard light pale ale. Inoffensive.7.0
Woild MoildWolf4.80Slight chocolate taste, with tight bitterness. Full fizz with big bubbles, but low carbonation follow through which then disapates quickly. Aftertaste is caramel biscuit. By end, it's almost caramel water7.0
Brooklyn BeerBrooklyn Brewery5.20Light soft malts, mild hop. Not your usual pils, but tastes ok.7.0
Tomos Watkins - Cwrw HafHurns4.20Ruby amber, moderate foam. Caramel, sparkling co2 mouthfeel, biscuit aftertaste. Some rubber aroma.7.0
Sion KolschSion 4.80Smooth, mildly hoppy, and refreshing. Light in colour and taste, not really a pils, but simple.7.0
Kolner WeissKolner (sports bar)0.00Close to Hoegaarden. Direct wheat beer. Soft lingering aftertaste.7.0
Diebels AltDiebels4.80Dark amber brown beer, butn t light iaste with malt and bitterness. Rolls across tongue nicely.7.0
Brand ImperatorBrand6.50Amber, rich rounded taste but dissapates quickly. Mild CO2 content.7.0
Bavaria Oud bruinBavaria 3.50Light other bavaria beer, but fizzy like cola7.0
La Trappe BlondeDe Koningshoeven Brewery6.50Light, zesty, and bold. Fresh and fruity. Golden in colour, lightly hopped. Elements of apples and pears, and slight citrus follow through. Slightly too much co27.0
La Trappe TripleDe Koningshoeven Brewery8.00Dark blonde. Full, fruity bittersweet beer. Caramel sweet mouthfeel, bitter on back, comes and holds in aftertaste.7.0
La Trappe WitteDe Koningshoeven Brewery5.50Fresh smell, hints of mild German blond beers. Slightly cloudy white, making it more akin to German wheat, than Dutch wheat beers. e.g Hoegaarden. Aftertaste disspates quickly. Only trappist wheat beer.7.0
Severn Valley Railway Manor AleBrooklyn Beer4.20Dark golden colour with full hop mouthfeel, and slightly heavy texture.7.0
De Graal TripelDe Graal Brewery9.00Full, rounded and smooth. Malty aftertaste.7.0
ZinnebirBrouwerij Sint-Pieters5.50Straight blond, but with hanging bitterness. Strong malt on nose. Graininess on 1st mouth, giving way to lingering tight bitterness. IPA bitterness7.0
Brewer's DarkJ W Lees3.50Smooth beers with underlying sweetness and very light licorice and chocolate. Good, but unexceptional.7.0
Springhead LibertySpringhead Brewery3.80Fullsome mouthfeel, heavy bitter on back on tongue in a/t. Texture of light porter.7.0
Yo-ho Tokyo BlackYo-Ho Brewery5.00Festival special. Robust porter, good bitterness. Chocolate and black malts.7.0
Dabinett Medium SVWhin Hill of Norfolk6.70Good strength, slightly filmic.7.0
HoneyfuzzRothervalley3.80Dark golden colour, with mild sweetness on nose, and dark honey-ish taste. Fuller bitter aftertaste. Not traditional honey in any way.7.0
Golden JackalWolf3.70Hoppy taste with flowers and citrus. Decent, but unremarkable.7.0
Coffin Lane StoutAshover Brewery5.00Good nose, but standard chocolate/coffee taste. A straight mild.7.0
Rhymney DarkRhymney 4.00Good rounded brown mild, with touches of licorice. Aftertaste cuts out immediately, but returns seconds later with bitterness.7.0
Old Moor PorterAcorn4.60Creamy porter with burnt roasts which hold in the mouth. Some licorice flavours, but mostly overpowered by the roast aroma. Quite filling.7.0
Westgate GoldClark's4.20A pale musky cider colour, with slightly fruity bitterness. Aroma of meadows.7.0
BlondeDaleside3.90Pale and golden beer with the usual blend of hops and malt in both aroma and aftertaste. The latter quickly dies. Good, but unexceptional.7.0
Abbey St MartinSt Martins5.70Slightly sweet malt and spices make this a reasonable brune but ultimately non-descript7.0
ForestinneCaracole Brewery7.50The Elven bikini cartoon on the label introduces the svelte citrus taste of this nice but mostly uneventful beer. This taste comes from the pine needles used in the brewing process which is nice, but little different to the sensations produced by the glut7.0
Ara bierDe dolle brouwers8.00Golden haze with big head. Fizzy with tart apple tastes, but largesse in dryness and tart aftertaste which lingers for too long imo. 7.0
Rum Cask CiderMillwights6.00Medium tasting, respectable cider. Not as good as their Kingston Black, but decent enough to be a good sign for the maker7.0
BobWickwar4.00Light and malt tastes, dry bitterness.7.0
Ginger ExplosionTSA5.00Strong rush with syrup texture at start, but only with subtle ginger. Quick to satiate. Coating on palette is only available mouthfeel, nothing in taste. Not a ginger beer, and not enough ginger to be a beer with ginger. Better gulped.7.0
Grasshopper Kentish BeerWesterham3.80Rich dark ale, slight co2, caramel texture aftertaste. Similar to Shepherd Neames, due (no doubt) to their similar reliance on the Kent hops.7.0
HellfireLeeds5.20Smooth mouthfeel at start, slight fruit, bitterness throughout.7.0
Pale AleØRBÆK5.00Golden with moderate head, medium dissipation. Apple blossom on nose. Tastes of gently bitter, which is refreshing but with no prominent mouth feel, moderate bitter after taste7.0
ÆRØ Grolle PilsnerRise Bryggeri4.60Golden with fizz appearance with pleasant citrus aroma. Creamy pils with bitterness. Taste lingers longer than other pils beers. Compares well to Bangla.7.0
Mørk GuldSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Red brown colour. Malted grain on nose. Very bitter with hints of caramel. Unfiltered with little residue and unpasteurised.7.0
Fyinsk ForårØRBÆK4.80Patriot colour - between Dutch gold 2 (10yy 42/460) and Dutch gold 3 (10yy 53/337) on Dulux colour chart, or musky cider gold colour. Very gentle hint of citrus, Refreshing wheat beer (fresh Hoegaarden-esc). Sour. Add a twist of lemon, and it would be goo7.0
Mr ScroogeRobinsons4.40Ruby colour and minimal off-white head. Thin texture, rolling bitterness over tongue. Light caramel with nutty tones.7.0
ApuahaZagorka (Heineken)4.50Good pils, but nothing exceptional given the field.7.0
Slaapmutske TripleSlaapmutske8.10Herbal and flora aroma and taste. Solid triple style. Livliness in aftertaste7.0
Peche Mel BushDuboission8.50Very peach smell. Bush-style solidity. Very obviously Bush, but has fighting tastes. 10 seconds into aftertaste get pungent mouth.7.0
Feodale de la Roche BruneFeodale de la Roche7.00barley wine texture with mouthfeel of rich wine. Better smell than taste. Gulp for taste, but cleanse with food after, since aftertaste isn't so good.7.0
AngelDelhaize (contracted)8.50Golden colour with soft white foam head. Bright aroma with esters. Solid m/f and taste despite looking like pils. Slight bitter a/t. Not unpleasant, but lacking positive quality as _something_ is not fitting (pos sugar)7.0
Krusovice Kralovsky Pinovar4.40Light lager with bitterness all the way through. Slightly harsh cream in after-taste.7.0
Clarks0.00Initial coffee tang7.0
Black BeautyVale0.00Smooth, roasted, guiness style with less head. Tight on aftertaste.7.0
Brodies MildBrodies 3.60Dry, slightly fizzy. Classic in an 'also-run' kinda way7.0
TopperTipples4.50Roast-led stout. Coffe and chocolate blended, just not brilliantly.7.0
Dark ArtsPeerless4.00Coffee and chocolate mild, using 3 different malts. Similar to Tipples Topper in style and quality.7.0
UnionMeantime4.90Vienna-style dark lager. Very fizzy, but sunset brown/red. Slight bitter, but fizz throughout which feels odd given the other parameters.7.0
Old Engine OilHarviestoun0.00Black, no head, molasses, touch of licorice without the aniseed bit (i.e. sugar cane syrup) but moderately thin on quaff, filling out on tonigue with mouthfeel. (Sim. Meantime porter, but better)7.0
Three Point EightCotswold 3.80Yellow gold and musky aroma. Rounded and balanced flavour; could be session, but gas might be prohibitive.7.0
Full SailFull sail brewery6.00Light amber API with hoppy nose, but thin taste and texture. Like a watered down beer. Fizz helps make it refreshing.7.0
DinkelackerDinkelacker0.00Translucent col colour, light on fizz, almost (store branded) cola taste - including of fizz. But with soft malt over tongue. Too straight a drink to be beer, but tasty as a soft malt drink.7.0
MaerzenGordon Biersch5.70As given in their own taste notes - smooth, auburn-coloured Bavarian lager with mild sweet finish - with a touch of whisky cask beers. Fizzy holds too long, though, to be a true whisky-like beer. (Think Innis and Glinn)7.0
Two rivers cider21st Amendment6.50Tart strawberry with fizz and liveliness.No apple to speak of. Reasonable drink, but not a cider. Equivalent to a Jacque's cider in UK.7.0
Spring FrenzyDaleside Brewery3.40Light, touch above bland, but without bite. Mellow cream on mouth.7.0
Cornish BucaneerWooden hand4.30Golden beer with Maris Otter pale ale, emphasising hop. Full fruit and light cream aroma. Short dry finish.7.0
Nelson's BloodFox5.10A rum-oriented, barley wine styled, ale. Very syrupy, which satiates the palate too quickly. Should be drunk like rum.7.0
RevivalMordue3.80Golden colour, dry bitterness with fizz and large foam head. Touch of ginger, with rounded honey a/t.7.0
London LagerMeantime4.50Light golden with streaming fizz. Light malt taste which disapates quickly, but returns with covering in a/t. Dry fizz. An Anglized Kasteel Cru.7.0
London Pale AleMeantime4.30Husky golden without head, but very light surface foam. Rounded crystal malt and light biscuit taste. Could satiate quickly7.0
Winter TimeMeantime5.40Browish golden colour, using a 15% smoked malt. Similarities to licking a humbug sweet. Decent session ale, but needs more fizz to punch through the smoke.7.0
HarnasBrowar Okocim5.70Light creamy, yellow golden. Can produce large head. Starts well, but goes down hill afterwards due to build up of a/t7.0
GingersKompania Piwowarska SA4.10Bright yellow with ginger coating. Initial thoughts of cider. due to sweet on 1st taste. Satiates very quickly. To be shared between many.7.0
D?bowe MocneKompania Piwowarska SA7.00Very light brown and fizzy. Rather unadventurous, but drinkable. Again, better with food.7.0
Perry - Old no. 1Penallt Perry5.50Slightly cloudy, light orange, feels watered down. Closer to Perry-lite, but accessible7.0
Shaky BridgesSandford6.00Fizzy, slightly sweet cider. Light orange to color and orange rind in after taste. Inoffensive.7.0
Big WorseMikeller12.00A barley wine, to all intents and purposes, tight on palete, caustic on aftertaste, with an estery/pungent smell. Maybe with smoky food the aromas would blend, but otherwise drink with a blocked nose :)7.0
Windy MillerSail Brewery3.80Dark, rich and fruity. Smooth mouth feel with rolling berry-like tannins on the tongue.7.0
Guv'nor CiderWestons4.80Made with Pierre Marco-White, it's a high tannin cider with light co2 and hazy look. Unremarkable, but drinkable. Better with food, maybe? (e.g. french onion soup, shropshire blue cheese, scotch eggs)7.0
ExplorerAdnams0.00Have it with fish and chips!7.0
Cubanero FuerteCerveceria Bucanero5.40Golden with light malt. Not boring, just unadventurous. At least not a bland lager as expected7.0
Cubanero FuerteCerveceria Bucanero5.40Golden with light malt. Not boring, just unadventurous. At least not a bland lager as expected7.0
?l?skie MocneOcen Piwo7.00Polish beer with more malt, than usual. Solid mouthfeel and flaour. 7.0
Slaskie MocneOcen Piwo7.00Polish beer with more malt, than usual. Solid mouthfeel and flaour. 7.0
iron BrewFreeminer4.20A red ale, but without anything much to say. Nothing bad. Nothing great.7.0
AscalonOldershaw4.00Dry bitter, dark golden beer with slight aerorated head. Fruit touch on the tongue, but lacking aftertaste.7.0
Lushington'sSkinners4.20Very pale and light beers, with fruity session qualities. 7.0
EbulumWilliam Bros Brewing Company6.50Black ale fused with elderberry. High hopes since it's fruity with soft palate and soft roasted malt flavourings. Good in a stew, but confused as a beer with conflicting tastes.7.0
Liberation AleEFA0.00Bland, but passable, ale with slight fizz.7.0
Esthwaite BitterCumbrian3.90Golden beer with 5 malts, and 1 hop (Cascade). It's unexpectedly balanced, but with an astringent quality that lets it down. Becomes dry on palate7.0
Rince CochonUnknown Flandres8.50Fragrant and oily beer, with extra hop. Would be considered a good supermarket branded beer, but pretends to be more7.0
Noir de DottingniesBr. de Ranke9.00Widely regarded, but strangely uninteresting to me. Deep tasting, bitter, and malty.7.0
Moeder OversteLefbvre8.00A triple, should have been an easy win for me, snatched with the appearance of a sour lager muscling in. Other, good triple - light, refreshing, and all the usual stuff.7.0
Panking PoleHogan's6.20With a sharp bite and tanin-lead this is a dry officianado's cider. Golden, cloudy, and strong finish7.0
Boxing DogMr Whitehead7.50Cloudy, and close a perry. Slightly rough. Medium-dry with multiple apples. 7.0
Ginger and Chilli CiderOrchard Pig Maverick4.00Refreshing and low to average bite. They say sip. I say gulp, otherwise the chilli is lost.7.0
Cheddar ValleyThatcher's6.00Strong cloudy with full flavour, which bites too much (and becomes tart) after a while7.0
BursztynoweZawiercia5.60malty amber with lingering CO2 and a touch of caramel7.0
Paris BlondeParis6.50Musky biterness, touch of sour, golden, low fizz, no head7.0
Paris PrintempsParis6.00Light and soapy. Not quite wheat, but heading towards it. Bit of hop in the mouth7.0
Mary JaneIlkley3.50Pale crisp, with citrus and prickly bitterness. Needs to be gulped.7.0
Red Riding HoodCastle Rock4.30Reddish beer, with bitterness and fruit.7.0
Yakima GoldCrouch Vale4.20Very pale with earthy aroma. Amarillo hops. Passable, if unadventurous.7.0
Oliver's DownfallCromwell's6.50Slightly tart, medium sweet, cider. Matured in whisky casks, not that you'd tell7.0
BhaiAspall 6.00Weird tangy drink, trying to be a 'proper' cider, but falling into the flavoured alcopop camp. Champagne yeast should have improved things, but just makes it dry.7.0
The BearsBig Hug Brewing5.00A red rye ale, which is fulfilled adequately, but with more notes of an off-colour pale.7.0
Monkey MangoCockeyed Cider Company4.00A very slight drink: slightly sweet, slightly sharp, slightly mango. Refreshing, though, but bland7.0
Down Down CiderCeltic Marches4.60A normal golden style cider, which is drinkable but uneventful. Made in collaboration with Status Quo. So 'normal' is probably intentional!7.0
FullbackThe Bottle Kicking Cider Company4.50Medium dry cider, with minor zest. Fairly uneventful. Won a Bronze in 2013, which is probably fair7.0
Nazca IPARothhammer4.70Very clean golden beer, with thin body similar to Einstock.7.0
Brave Red AleRothhammer4.50Deep amber with red. Cream head. Fruit touches with orange and sweetness.7.0
Pivo DubmistrPivovar Vykov5.00Smoother, darker, almost ale-like Pilsner. (Made through triple mash.) Traces of Debowie Mocne.7.0
EventideLyme Bay Winery5.00Golden cider. Crisp with bittersweet at end. Solid and dependable.7.0
Mango CiderLilley's4.00A 4% fruit juice. Apple and Mango mix is a bit confused, tasting moving from one to the other, and then none. A for effort. B for execution.7.0
Cherry Blossom LagerTailgate0.00As if a Belgian Kriek had been made with Urquell. Not bad, but you'll be bored after half pint. Cherry is morello cherry in taste.7.0
CubicBeerd4.50Triple hopped pale ale. Strong fruit and citrus.7.0
SparklingSavour10.50Floral, honey and spice on the nose, with bright fizz. Presentation is of champers with similar expectations, but misses. Therefore, drink is a let down, when it shouldn't be.7.0
BlondeAbolition Brewery5.20Traditional Belgian blonde, but a little too sharp7.0
AurotaAbolition Brewery0.00A pale ale. (Other notes obscured by beer. Sorry!)7.0
Grand Union GoldGrand Union4.20Smoother, less bitter than the Union Bitter and decent aroma. Light, hollow aftertaste.6.5
Medium DryWinkleigh 6.00Similar to the Winkleigh sweet, but more solid, and flavoursome. Goes well with fish & chips!6.5
Old SlugRCH Brewery4.50Coffee and chocolate focused porter. Notes of blackcurrant and black cherry. 6.5
Scrum Down!Twickenham Fine Ales3.90Smooth bitter with crisp malty top. Dual malts may deter some.6.5
Red EmberH Prick Brewery4.60Slight red bitterness on side on mouth, although not a particularly great ruby, but it is pleasant in colour. Taste doesn't hold. No aftertaste or bite.6.5
Floris PassionFloris3.00Grassy bouquet, very gueze-like, nice, although not much detectable passion fruit.6.5
Kulmbacher EisbockKulmbacher 9.20Thick souty or medium mild. No co2. Element of syrup in flavour (maple?), texture and mouthfeel. Atypically German.6.5
Brand UrtypBrand5.50Original recipe pils with mild hop, which strengthen on aftertaste. More watery than standard6.5
GoldenbergGayant Brewers5.90Everyday blonde. Nothing overly prominent (such as hop or malt). 6.5
Hel;lekapelleDe Bie5.00Golden blond, very light taste, with extra kick in aftertaste.6.5
GravensteenVan Steenberge9.00Nice double malt, smooth without a too bitter a/t. Would be a pleasant session ale - but not at this strength. Quite fizzy, especially on initial tasting6.5
La Jean de NivellesFriart (La Roeuk)7.00Fruity dark beer, slightly caramel sides.6.5
1503Kingstone Brewery4.80Full foam head, ruby red colour, multiple malts make it confusing. Too fizzy to taste much on tongue, so let it hit the throat and rely on aroma.6.5
Henry's Heady DazeClarks3.60Light golden, strong hops. Easy session. Nothing special.6.5
LOASøgaards Bryghus5.30Subtle citrus aroma, browney red color. Hints of golden syrup with nut but not sweet. Would be good with sweet and sour style Thai or Chinese dishes 6.5
KlosterbrygSøgaards Bryghus5.50Cloudy golden colour with fresh orange smell. Wheat beer with extra bitterness6.5
ClassicSvaneke Bryghuset4.60Golden brown colour with good head. Smell of grain. Taste of grain - with a lingering after taste, easy drinker. Better with food than alone.6.5
Syd-Øst for ParadiseSvaneke Bryghuset3.50Floral aroma over a pale golden colour. Slight head and moderate fizz. Distinct elderflower flavour with a mild hop bitterness. Light and refreshing.6.5
StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Jet black beer with no head. Subtle grain aroma. Taste of Hovis granary wholemeal bread (the raisin bit) slight bitter after taste6.5
Brown AleØRBÆK5.80Deep ruby colour with slight foam head. Undiscernable aroma. Vibrant mouth feel, bitterness starts small but grows. Rubiness on after taste. Highly quaffable.6.5
Kamenitza DarkKamenitza5.00Not bad, but a token effort to produce a non-pils. Doesn't make it. Drinkable.6.5
Bohemia RegentPrezident6.00Dark Czech beer, but disappointing since expectant. Nothing to comment, but have after their blond version since the fizz of the former benefits this6.5
Bohmeia RegentPrezident4.40Very light, thin, almost cider silk, with some bitterness6.5
Black BuffleSt Austell4.50A mild, but with fizz. Satiates too quickly, but otherwise pleasant.6.5
Huna RedSunny Republic4.00Not red, but good biscuit, but too much potential lost with the citrus hop.6.5
Okocim PorterOkocim (Carlseberg)8.30A touch of sweetness, and strong coffee bitterness throughout. Not strongly balanced, as hop is lost, and bitterness takes oer6.5
Okocim PorterOkocim (Carlseberg)8.30A touch of sweetness, and strong coffee bitterness throughout. Not strongly balanced, as hop is lost, and bitterness takes oer6.5
Red BarnTirrel4.40Ruby red ale, with rounder light malt and off hop, which culminates in a strong hop finish.6.5
Small CopperWentworth4.10Striking cross between a golden and copper-coloured bitter . Various sour notes. Shows potential6.5
Smokestack Lightnin'Dorking4.00Quite fizzy, but rounded and wort-like but without sweetness. Claims smoke, but not rauchen.6.5
Noire de SlackChristophe Noyon5.40A brune that's strong on coffee, and a touch sweeter than espresso. Better once rested for 10 minutes, although it's more bland.6.5
Raven DarkThe Raven of Bath4.20Dark w/chesnut red tinge. Thin, but washing up liquid in essence. Feels like a missed opportunity.6.5
PunterUpham4.00Amber with a homebrewed wort syrup taste. Toasted grain doesn't come through properly.6.5
MoongazingTring4.20An entry-level ruby with rounded bitterness and hop touches from Chinook and Citra. Good colour. Ok taste.6.5
Grapefruit IPATailgate6.20Very fruity, but light on beery.6.5
Union Bitter Grand Union3.70Biiter with prominant aftertaste, but light in colour. Some citris.6.0
Pickled PartridgeBadger (aka Hall & Woodhouse)4.60Dark orange/amber colour. Slight hollowness to it, with touch of caramel.6.0
BarbarLefebvre8.00Bitter and fizzy that often loses the honey taste. Second fermentation in bottle.6.0
AdelardusKerkom7.00Very dark ruby colour, thin wet brown taste. No real aftertaste, so good for food.6.0
Quintine-La Biere des CollinesBrasserie Ellezelloise8.50Pitch black, line of bitterness at back sides of mouth.6.0
Dreher PilsDreher 5.20Clean crisp, pils, with a full head. From Hungary's oldest brewery.6.0
Cantillon GeuzeCantillon Brewery5.00Organic gueuze with and old smell, and no cider. Parallels to cider with tartness to mouth, no sweetness.6.0
Lambic ExoticChapeau De Troch3.50Very strong fruit hit, with tartness and sweet touches around the mouth.6.0
Wittekerke WitbierBavik5.00Beer for a hot summers day. Light, not overpowering taste. Slight cactus and/or lime.6.0
Big Lamp BitterBig Lamp3.90Straight bitter taste and texture.6.0
Five BridgesMordue Brewery3.80Predominately hoppy beer with some fruit tastes running through it. Amber in colour, but more bitter than perhaps you'd expect. Prominent in part because bitterness carries on to the aftertaste6.0
Lia FailInveralmond4.00Reasonable bitter, with fruit layers over tongue which hold well. Similar tastes to fruit and nut chocolate (+1 if you like that) Don't let it stand, as it turns sharp at end.6.0
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada5.60Bottle conditioned with truly golden colour. Looks of honey, but taste slightly apricot and/or peach.6.0
Kostritzer SchwarzbierKöstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei4.80Solid black, light foam, hollow malt taste on tongue, with watery aftertaste in throat. Little to gassy.6.0
Waterloo BloneDu Bocq7.50Fairly smooth, aftertaste of Co2, but otherwise non-descript fizziness, and average blone taste6.0
Fffado AmberMillevertus sprl Brasserie Artis5.00Bitter spiciness. Highly golden.6.0
La Binchoise BruneLa Binchoise8.20Very deep ruby red brown. Respectable, but uneventful.6.0
Hydes Trojan HorseHydes Brewery4.20Smooth, non-fizzy texture. Rounded malt taste. Ok balance of bitter-sweet.6.0
NightjarWhite Park4.50Aromd of roasted malts starts well, but lack of complex tastes, and watery follow through, is a let down6.0
I BeerArt Brew4.00Light golden, with soft honey and vanilla aroma and taste. Bitter aftertaste. Vanilla follow through dominates, possibly to excess.6.0
George's BestMauldons4.40Light golden colour, but very smooth mouthfeel. Bitter has soft touch, with it hitting soft but fair at start, and disappates in mouth.6.0
Dragons Bite0.00Golden, with initial hop bitter bite. Quickly disappates in taste, so quick in fact, as to leave you with nothing but a light bitter coat in throat.6.0
Govier Dry CiderGovier6.00Dry with slightly sour vinegar taste6.0
Sarah's Day6.00Thin and golden cider6.0
Hidden PintHidden Brewery3.80Mid brown with light hop aroma, and bitter finish. Decent enough, but uneventful6.0
NuttyØRBÆK5.00Light golden brown with a red tinge, medium head. Undiscernable aroma. Subtle essence of nuts leaning towards hazelnut6.0
Buccaneer XmasErtvelde brewery9.50Fizz overpowers the soft taste.6.0
Brodies AmarillaBrodies 4.20Pale ale with unusual (Armarilla) hop. Like a weak Bulgarian brandy, but without the aromatic nose.6.0
RaspbeeryMeantime6.50Defies expectation: not Belgian in style. Not sweet. Slight sour taste, growing in after-taste. (sour difference here is akin to that of cherry and morella cherry). Good approach to sourness, but no sense of wonder like a good gueze.6.0
Sara's Ruby MildMagnolia Brew Pub3.90Very light with a touch of ruby, even less of mild. Fizz, especially on a/t.6.0
Cole PorterMagnolia Brew Pub4.80Black with brown foam head. It's dry w/bitterness but the malt notes are only present in a/t, and limited at that. Psychosomatic traces of coffee. Looks the part, but doesn't deliver6.0
Auld HempHighland Brewery3.80Soft in taste and mouthfeel. Possibly session beer for newbies. Nothing to remember.6.0
Original Sin Pear CiderOriginal Sin6.00Drinkable but so non-descript, I didn't bother making notes.6.0
HoboHobo Beer co5.10Smooth creamy texturing, but lacking any bite. But it's a craft czech lager in a can!?!?6.0
SmithwickDundalk (Diageo)3.80Light cream tongue, with fizz. But nothing else special enough to write about6.0
Welsh Pride (Balchder Cymru)Bragdy Conwy Brewery4.00Pale with decent enough taste, but satiates quickly6.0
Cwrw Draig AurRobinsons4.10Disapointing beer from an other exceptional brewer. The empty malt taste belies the apparent full body and rich malt and hops.6.0
Happy Daze Med CiderGwynt Y Ddraig4.60Non-descript Welsh cider6.0
Bowling JackUnknown0.00Found in Krakow. Has an edge of bitterness with cuts off any flavour developing. Needs food to divert from this fact. +1 to score if food is present.6.0
Dry CiderDan y Graig6.00Dry cider with apple bite, but overall furry mouthfeel (even early on) makes it non-session. Have a half.6.0
Bread of HeavenBrains4.00Highly average age, pretending to be a light ruby.6.0
Dream CatcherOakham6.90Red beer with obligatory cherry flavours. Otherwise, other berry flavours are there but distracting. Dry beer with marzipan touches.6.0
TabathaPartners6.00A flat and slight source dry bitter. Pretends to be a Belgian triple, but is no where near.6.0
BoltmakerTimothy Taylor4.00Proper Yorkshire bitter with very little to commend or distract.6.0
Little Big BeerLittle Big Beer2.00Intended as a lunch-time beer with taste. It is: but taste of hazelnut and coffee in odd ratios. In 2016 was brewed by Bath Ales, and it takes like their usual but gone off a bit.6.0
BloneSavour5.80Pine and fruity are lurking here, but it was too skunky and stodgy to get through6.0
Yellow Cab LagerEvil Twin Brewing4.80Pale and clear lager, lacking depth of interest6.0
Chocolate BeerMeantime6.50Looks like dark chocolate beer, but has harsh bitterness on sides. Feels like Guiness, but without the solidness between.5.5
Moores Medium PerryMoores 6.00Solid perry which builds well, but doesn't follow through with potential5.5
Krombacher PilsKrombacher4.80Light ale, clean taste without anything offensive. malty mouthfeel that holds. Quite fullsome for an amber beer.5.5
Rigas PilsRigas 5.20Lithuianian pils with slightly sharp bitterness. Highly CO2, which holds.5.5
NikolaiSinebrychoff 4.50Finnish beer that's slightly above the norm for a session ale. Simple pils, but with nice tang. 5.5
Metaman IPA0.00Watery, bitter hops only5.5
Gannet MildEarl Soham3.30A dark lager from Suffolk with aspirations to be a mild. (Let alone a well-balanced one.)5.5
Duivel BierBrouwerij Boon8.00Translates as either Devil or Diabolical. Strong dark beer, with solid bitterness, but hollow taste. Don't confused with Duvel.5.0
Medium sweetWinkleigh 6.00Thin, looks like weak cordial. Boisterous taste. Better as an accompaniment.5.0
Sagres BohemiaCentral de Cervejas6.20Brown red, without head. Slightly hoppy aftertaste.5.0
CintraCervejarias4.80Little yellow, clean pils, with slight bitterness, but lots of fizziness5.0
Super BockUnicer5.60Pale honey yellow, without head and targets lager boys. Unmalted cereals, with glucose syrups so not a bright lager.5.0
Wech???0.00Fizzy at start with full creamy hop. Bitter on aftertaste. Later tang of biscuit leading to good continued mouthfeel.5.0
Umbrel3.60Smooth with a coriandar taste, but no after-taste tang. Slightly buzz if quaffed.5.0
Roisin TayberryHeather4.20Overpowering on Tayberry (whatever fruit that is!) Entirely dependent on whether you like that specific fruit!5.0
JeverJever Frisian Brewery4.90Light ale with clean aroma but bitter back bite, and sourness at end.5.0
Kulmbacher DoppelbockKulmbacher 7.50Ruby in colour and red malty flavour. Not too sweet.5.0
EkuSeyBrew0.00Light ruby beer5.0
KoffSinebrychoff brewery4.50Finnish beer. Clean pils, but nothing special5.0
Gunpowder Strong MildCoach House3.80Sweet and smooth mild, with traditional black colouring. Slight aftertaste of note, but preceeding emptiness is disappointing.5.0
Flower PowerWhim 5.30Sherbet nose, lemon zest, bitter after-taste. Light amber in colour, with pangs of crushed paracetamol!5.0
Cider Lady's Finger SVHecks6.50A surprisingly vingery taste, and not that pleasant. Surprising, given the maker.5.0
Old BloomerConcrete Cow4.70Light ruby in colour, and put under the 'best bitter' category. Overiding hazlenut flavours, and strong pungent aroma to match. Vibrant fizzy ale, which settles down in aftertaste. Slightly sharp.5.0
Dragons TaleMarstons4.50Rich red and creamy mouthfeel. Very little bitterness, which hangs in the a/t.5.0
Skipper Clememts American Pale ASvaneke Bryghuset5.70Musty golden colour and floral aroma. Average pale ale, with nothing to distinguish it from other beers. Unfiltered but with little residue.5.0
Golden Honey wheatØRBÆK5.00Musky golden colour with large head. Undiscerning aroma with orange. Better with food, such as ham or pork fillet/loin or roast cooked simply with light flavours5.0
QueenØRBÆK5.00Clear golden, good head. Heiniken smell. Fizzy, rounded light beer with a lemon after taste. Light version of OPA, without the piercing fizziness you get from a lager5.0
Peach BeerØRBÆK5.00Cloudy golden with distinctive fresh peach smell. Alas, all the peach is in the smell not the flavour, making it an undiscernable bitter beer. Lost opportunity so much promise in the smell but no peach flavour, this has the potential to be a good beer wit5.0
Poachers AleSandstone4.40Weak and fizzy.5.0
Pheonix - FreshPheonix3.50From Mauritius - selling point 1. Has lemon flavours - selling point 2. Cheap - selling point 3. None convinced me.5.0
O'Kane StoutO'Kane0.00Watery, with nothing memorable. Thicker consistency when on draught. 5.0
O'Kane RedO'Kane?0.00Watery barley water, which has been shown a bottle of Ribena, once :(5.0
CanadaDominion4.00A dark amber beer that lacks any notes of distinction. But it's from Essex, so can't be given any lower than 5.5.0
The Ale of LevenLoch Lomond4.50Hopefully this was off as the notes of sour vinegar didn't match the description of a sweet yet spicy, amber ale5.0
La Zia AleBirra Damare5.50Trying too hard to be different with rosemary and artichoke's in the brew. Fails.5.0
Black holeRoman5.60Grolsch with a metallic hue. But, considering it’s only a pils, it’s not that bad.4.0
Adriaen BrouwerRoman5.00Highly fermented brown beer, dark taste, but hollow4.0
CoralCervejas da Madeira5.30Straightforward pils that comes across as fizzy water4.0
TagusMare Nostrum5.00Fizzy, straight pils4.0
Santa's NutsFox Brewery4.80Mild in structure, but not aromatic in anyway. Thin. Tastes a bit like hairspray, with raspy-ness on tongue.4.0
Farmhouse Medium CiderSheppy's6.00Harsh, sour, and not effective. Maybe usable as a mixer4.0
Primator ZalozenoUnknown0.00A far too sour wheat beer. Might be ok for extremists.4.0
Utzon Center BlondSøgaards Bryghus5.00Cloudy appearance with citrus pine smell, with a hint of honey. Light citrus taste with misplaced bitterness. Tastes like the smell of lemon fairy liquid3.5

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