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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Duivel BierBrouwerij Boon8.00Translates as either Devil or Diabolical. Strong dark beer, with solid bitterness, but hollow taste. Don't confused with Duvel.5.0
Medium sweetWinkleigh 6.00Thin, looks like weak cordial. Boisterous taste. Better as an accompaniment.5.0
Sagres BohemiaCentral de Cervejas6.20Brown red, without head. Slightly hoppy aftertaste.5.0
CintraCervejarias4.80Little yellow, clean pils, with slight bitterness, but lots of fizziness5.0
Super BockUnicer5.60Pale honey yellow, without head and targets lager boys. Unmalted cereals, with glucose syrups so not a bright lager.5.0
Wech???0.00Fizzy at start with full creamy hop. Bitter on aftertaste. Later tang of biscuit leading to good continued mouthfeel.5.0
Umbrel3.60Smooth with a coriandar taste, but no after-taste tang. Slightly buzz if quaffed.5.0
Roisin TayberryHeather4.20Overpowering on Tayberry (whatever fruit that is!) Entirely dependent on whether you like that specific fruit!5.0
JeverJever Frisian Brewery4.90Light ale with clean aroma but bitter back bite, and sourness at end.5.0
Kulmbacher DoppelbockKulmbacher 7.50Ruby in colour and red malty flavour. Not too sweet.5.0
EkuSeyBrew0.00Light ruby beer5.0
KoffSinebrychoff brewery4.50Finnish beer. Clean pils, but nothing special5.0
Gunpowder Strong MildCoach House3.80Sweet and smooth mild, with traditional black colouring. Slight aftertaste of note, but preceeding emptiness is disappointing.5.0
Flower PowerWhim 5.30Sherbet nose, lemon zest, bitter after-taste. Light amber in colour, with pangs of crushed paracetamol!5.0
Cider Lady's Finger SVHecks6.50A surprisingly vingery taste, and not that pleasant. Surprising, given the maker.5.0
Old BloomerConcrete Cow4.70Light ruby in colour, and put under the 'best bitter' category. Overiding hazlenut flavours, and strong pungent aroma to match. Vibrant fizzy ale, which settles down in aftertaste. Slightly sharp.5.0
Dragons TaleMarstons4.50Rich red and creamy mouthfeel. Very little bitterness, which hangs in the a/t.5.0
Skipper Clememts American Pale ASvaneke Bryghuset5.70Musty golden colour and floral aroma. Average pale ale, with nothing to distinguish it from other beers. Unfiltered but with little residue.5.0
Golden Honey wheatØRBÆK5.00Musky golden colour with large head. Undiscerning aroma with orange. Better with food, such as ham or pork fillet/loin or roast cooked simply with light flavours5.0
QueenØRBÆK5.00Clear golden, good head. Heiniken smell. Fizzy, rounded light beer with a lemon after taste. Light version of OPA, without the piercing fizziness you get from a lager5.0
Peach BeerØRBÆK5.00Cloudy golden with distinctive fresh peach smell. Alas, all the peach is in the smell not the flavour, making it an undiscernable bitter beer. Lost opportunity so much promise in the smell but no peach flavour, this has the potential to be a good beer wit5.0
Poachers AleSandstone4.40Weak and fizzy.5.0
Pheonix - FreshPheonix3.50From Mauritius - selling point 1. Has lemon flavours - selling point 2. Cheap - selling point 3. None convinced me.5.0
O'Kane StoutO'Kane0.00Watery, with nothing memorable. Thicker consistency when on draught. 5.0
O'Kane RedO'Kane?0.00Watery barley water, which has been shown a bottle of Ribena, once :(5.0
CanadaDominion4.00A dark amber beer that lacks any notes of distinction. But it's from Essex, so can't be given any lower than 5.5.0
The Ale of LevenLoch Lomond4.50Hopefully this was off as the notes of sour vinegar didn't match the description of a sweet yet spicy, amber ale5.0
La Zia AleBirra Damare5.50Trying too hard to be different with rosemary and artichoke's in the brew. Fails.5.0

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