Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Chocolate BeerMeantime6.50Looks like dark chocolate beer, but has harsh bitterness on sides. Feels like Guiness, but without the solidness between.5.5
Moores Medium PerryMoores 6.00Solid perry which builds well, but doesn't follow through with potential5.5
Krombacher PilsKrombacher4.80Light ale, clean taste without anything offensive. malty mouthfeel that holds. Quite fullsome for an amber beer.5.5
Rigas PilsRigas 5.20Lithuianian pils with slightly sharp bitterness. Highly CO2, which holds.5.5
NikolaiSinebrychoff 4.50Finnish beer that's slightly above the norm for a session ale. Simple pils, but with nice tang. 5.5
Metaman IPA0.00Watery, bitter hops only5.5
Gannet MildEarl Soham3.30A dark lager from Suffolk with aspirations to be a mild. (Let alone a well-balanced one.)5.5

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