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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Union Bitter Grand Union3.70Biiter with prominant aftertaste, but light in colour. Some citris.6.0
Pickled PartridgeBadger (aka Hall & Woodhouse)4.60Dark orange/amber colour. Slight hollowness to it, with touch of caramel.6.0
BarbarLefebvre8.00Bitter and fizzy that often loses the honey taste. Second fermentation in bottle.6.0
AdelardusKerkom7.00Very dark ruby colour, thin wet brown taste. No real aftertaste, so good for food.6.0
Quintine-La Biere des CollinesBrasserie Ellezelloise8.50Pitch black, line of bitterness at back sides of mouth.6.0
Dreher PilsDreher 5.20Clean crisp, pils, with a full head. From Hungary's oldest brewery.6.0
Cantillon GeuzeCantillon Brewery5.00Organic gueuze with and old smell, and no cider. Parallels to cider with tartness to mouth, no sweetness.6.0
Lambic ExoticChapeau De Troch3.50Very strong fruit hit, with tartness and sweet touches around the mouth.6.0
Wittekerke WitbierBavik5.00Beer for a hot summers day. Light, not overpowering taste. Slight cactus and/or lime.6.0
Big Lamp BitterBig Lamp3.90Straight bitter taste and texture.6.0
Five BridgesMordue Brewery3.80Predominately hoppy beer with some fruit tastes running through it. Amber in colour, but more bitter than perhaps you'd expect. Prominent in part because bitterness carries on to the aftertaste6.0
Lia FailInveralmond4.00Reasonable bitter, with fruit layers over tongue which hold well. Similar tastes to fruit and nut chocolate (+1 if you like that) Don't let it stand, as it turns sharp at end.6.0
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada5.60Bottle conditioned with truly golden colour. Looks of honey, but taste slightly apricot and/or peach.6.0
Kostritzer SchwarzbierKöstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei4.80Solid black, light foam, hollow malt taste on tongue, with watery aftertaste in throat. Little to gassy.6.0
Waterloo BloneDu Bocq7.50Fairly smooth, aftertaste of Co2, but otherwise non-descript fizziness, and average blone taste6.0
Fffado AmberMillevertus sprl Brasserie Artis5.00Bitter spiciness. Highly golden.6.0
La Binchoise BruneLa Binchoise8.20Very deep ruby red brown. Respectable, but uneventful.6.0
Hydes Trojan HorseHydes Brewery4.20Smooth, non-fizzy texture. Rounded malt taste. Ok balance of bitter-sweet.6.0
NightjarWhite Park4.50Aromd of roasted malts starts well, but lack of complex tastes, and watery follow through, is a let down6.0
I BeerArt Brew4.00Light golden, with soft honey and vanilla aroma and taste. Bitter aftertaste. Vanilla follow through dominates, possibly to excess.6.0
George's BestMauldons4.40Light golden colour, but very smooth mouthfeel. Bitter has soft touch, with it hitting soft but fair at start, and disappates in mouth.6.0
Dragons Bite0.00Golden, with initial hop bitter bite. Quickly disappates in taste, so quick in fact, as to leave you with nothing but a light bitter coat in throat.6.0
Govier Dry CiderGovier6.00Dry with slightly sour vinegar taste6.0
Sarah's Day6.00Thin and golden cider6.0
Hidden PintHidden Brewery3.80Mid brown with light hop aroma, and bitter finish. Decent enough, but uneventful6.0
NuttyØRBÆK5.00Light golden brown with a red tinge, medium head. Undiscernable aroma. Subtle essence of nuts leaning towards hazelnut6.0
Buccaneer XmasErtvelde brewery9.50Fizz overpowers the soft taste.6.0
Brodies AmarillaBrodies 4.20Pale ale with unusual (Armarilla) hop. Like a weak Bulgarian brandy, but without the aromatic nose.6.0
RaspbeeryMeantime6.50Defies expectation: not Belgian in style. Not sweet. Slight sour taste, growing in after-taste. (sour difference here is akin to that of cherry and morella cherry). Good approach to sourness, but no sense of wonder like a good gueze.6.0
Sara's Ruby MildMagnolia Brew Pub3.90Very light with a touch of ruby, even less of mild. Fizz, especially on a/t.6.0
Cole PorterMagnolia Brew Pub4.80Black with brown foam head. It's dry w/bitterness but the malt notes are only present in a/t, and limited at that. Psychosomatic traces of coffee. Looks the part, but doesn't deliver6.0
Auld HempHighland Brewery3.80Soft in taste and mouthfeel. Possibly session beer for newbies. Nothing to remember.6.0
Original Sin Pear CiderOriginal Sin6.00Drinkable but so non-descript, I didn't bother making notes.6.0
HoboHobo Beer co5.10Smooth creamy texturing, but lacking any bite. But it's a craft czech lager in a can!?!?6.0
SmithwickDundalk (Diageo)3.80Light cream tongue, with fizz. But nothing else special enough to write about6.0
Welsh Pride (Balchder Cymru)Bragdy Conwy Brewery4.00Pale with decent enough taste, but satiates quickly6.0
Cwrw Draig AurRobinsons4.10Disapointing beer from an other exceptional brewer. The empty malt taste belies the apparent full body and rich malt and hops.6.0
Happy Daze Med CiderGwynt Y Ddraig4.60Non-descript Welsh cider6.0
Bowling JackUnknown0.00Found in Krakow. Has an edge of bitterness with cuts off any flavour developing. Needs food to divert from this fact. +1 to score if food is present.6.0
Dry CiderDan y Graig6.00Dry cider with apple bite, but overall furry mouthfeel (even early on) makes it non-session. Have a half.6.0
Bread of HeavenBrains4.00Highly average age, pretending to be a light ruby.6.0
Dream CatcherOakham6.90Red beer with obligatory cherry flavours. Otherwise, other berry flavours are there but distracting. Dry beer with marzipan touches.6.0
TabathaPartners6.00A flat and slight source dry bitter. Pretends to be a Belgian triple, but is no where near.6.0
BoltmakerTimothy Taylor4.00Proper Yorkshire bitter with very little to commend or distract.6.0
Little Big BeerLittle Big Beer2.00Intended as a lunch-time beer with taste. It is: but taste of hazelnut and coffee in odd ratios. In 2016 was brewed by Bath Ales, and it takes like their usual but gone off a bit.6.0
BloneSavour5.80Pine and fruity are lurking here, but it was too skunky and stodgy to get through6.0
Yellow Cab LagerEvil Twin Brewing4.80Pale and clear lager, lacking depth of interest6.0

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