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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Grand Union GoldGrand Union4.20Smoother, less bitter than the Union Bitter and decent aroma. Light, hollow aftertaste.6.5
Medium DryWinkleigh 6.00Similar to the Winkleigh sweet, but more solid, and flavoursome. Goes well with fish & chips!6.5
Old SlugRCH Brewery4.50Coffee and chocolate focused porter. Notes of blackcurrant and black cherry. 6.5
Scrum Down!Twickenham Fine Ales3.90Smooth bitter with crisp malty top. Dual malts may deter some.6.5
Red EmberH Prick Brewery4.60Slight red bitterness on side on mouth, although not a particularly great ruby, but it is pleasant in colour. Taste doesn't hold. No aftertaste or bite.6.5
Floris PassionFloris3.00Grassy bouquet, very gueze-like, nice, although not much detectable passion fruit.6.5
Kulmbacher EisbockKulmbacher 9.20Thick souty or medium mild. No co2. Element of syrup in flavour (maple?), texture and mouthfeel. Atypically German.6.5
Brand UrtypBrand5.50Original recipe pils with mild hop, which strengthen on aftertaste. More watery than standard6.5
GoldenbergGayant Brewers5.90Everyday blonde. Nothing overly prominent (such as hop or malt). 6.5
Hel;lekapelleDe Bie5.00Golden blond, very light taste, with extra kick in aftertaste.6.5
GravensteenVan Steenberge9.00Nice double malt, smooth without a too bitter a/t. Would be a pleasant session ale - but not at this strength. Quite fizzy, especially on initial tasting6.5
La Jean de NivellesFriart (La Roeuk)7.00Fruity dark beer, slightly caramel sides.6.5
1503Kingstone Brewery4.80Full foam head, ruby red colour, multiple malts make it confusing. Too fizzy to taste much on tongue, so let it hit the throat and rely on aroma.6.5
Henry's Heady DazeClarks3.60Light golden, strong hops. Easy session. Nothing special.6.5
LOASøgaards Bryghus5.30Subtle citrus aroma, browney red color. Hints of golden syrup with nut but not sweet. Would be good with sweet and sour style Thai or Chinese dishes 6.5
KlosterbrygSøgaards Bryghus5.50Cloudy golden colour with fresh orange smell. Wheat beer with extra bitterness6.5
ClassicSvaneke Bryghuset4.60Golden brown colour with good head. Smell of grain. Taste of grain - with a lingering after taste, easy drinker. Better with food than alone.6.5
Syd-Øst for ParadiseSvaneke Bryghuset3.50Floral aroma over a pale golden colour. Slight head and moderate fizz. Distinct elderflower flavour with a mild hop bitterness. Light and refreshing.6.5
StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Jet black beer with no head. Subtle grain aroma. Taste of Hovis granary wholemeal bread (the raisin bit) slight bitter after taste6.5
Brown AleØRBÆK5.80Deep ruby colour with slight foam head. Undiscernable aroma. Vibrant mouth feel, bitterness starts small but grows. Rubiness on after taste. Highly quaffable.6.5
Kamenitza DarkKamenitza5.00Not bad, but a token effort to produce a non-pils. Doesn't make it. Drinkable.6.5
Bohemia RegentPrezident6.00Dark Czech beer, but disappointing since expectant. Nothing to comment, but have after their blond version since the fizz of the former benefits this6.5
Bohmeia RegentPrezident4.40Very light, thin, almost cider silk, with some bitterness6.5
Black BuffleSt Austell4.50A mild, but with fizz. Satiates too quickly, but otherwise pleasant.6.5
Huna RedSunny Republic4.00Not red, but good biscuit, but too much potential lost with the citrus hop.6.5
Okocim PorterOkocim (Carlseberg)8.30A touch of sweetness, and strong coffee bitterness throughout. Not strongly balanced, as hop is lost, and bitterness takes oer6.5
Okocim PorterOkocim (Carlseberg)8.30A touch of sweetness, and strong coffee bitterness throughout. Not strongly balanced, as hop is lost, and bitterness takes oer6.5
Red BarnTirrel4.40Ruby red ale, with rounder light malt and off hop, which culminates in a strong hop finish.6.5
Small CopperWentworth4.10Striking cross between a golden and copper-coloured bitter . Various sour notes. Shows potential6.5
Smokestack Lightnin'Dorking4.00Quite fizzy, but rounded and wort-like but without sweetness. Claims smoke, but not rauchen.6.5
Noire de SlackChristophe Noyon5.40A brune that's strong on coffee, and a touch sweeter than espresso. Better once rested for 10 minutes, although it's more bland.6.5
Raven DarkThe Raven of Bath4.20Dark w/chesnut red tinge. Thin, but washing up liquid in essence. Feels like a missed opportunity.6.5
PunterUpham4.00Amber with a homebrewed wort syrup taste. Toasted grain doesn't come through properly.6.5
MoongazingTring4.20An entry-level ruby with rounded bitterness and hop touches from Chinook and Citra. Good colour. Ok taste.6.5
Grapefruit IPATailgate6.20Very fruity, but light on beery.6.5

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