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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Castle Milk StoutSouth African Breweries, SABMill6.00Black body, creamy head. Surprising refreshing.7.5
Sweet ChariotMarston4.80Spicy, strong smell on nose - but not palette, citrus fruit and hops.7.5
Old Monty Dry CiderMontgomery Cidermakers6.00Golden haze, sour Welsh cider. A little rough, ends well with tight dryness7.5
Wilkins DryWilkins6.00Dry, warm, and soft. Good apple acidity. Fluid taste.7.5
Super Bock - LemonUnicer4.00Overiding lemon syrup with strains of Desperados, but with additional sweetness. Similar tannins of whisky beer.7.5
Dorothy Goodbodys Christmas AleWye Valley Brewery6.00Golden ruby, full malts, delicate spice aroma. Roast character at side. Could almost be a porter.7.5
DiscoveryFullers4.20Lager malts for lightness with slight biscuit flavours and a fruity zest. Rarely used Saaz hops. Intended for summer.7.5
Santas Little HelperCaledonian3.70This is copper red in colour with a large foam head and already looks the Christmas part. Malt aroma, with sweet caramel taste, but ending in bitterness. Slight tangs of fruit and leaf.7.5
Pickled SantaHopback6.00Fizzy and spicy, with good over notes. Has feel of Christmas beer, and strong enough to make you fall asleep in front of the fire7.5
Burton BitterMarston3.80Golden red in colour, but a light beer, with slight hoppy tang, and biscuit taste as it washes past. 7.5
Oatmeal StoutBuntingford4.40Solid chocolate mild, with bitterness bite on back of palete. Solid taste. Slight coffee tang to it.7.5
Anchor PorterAnchor 5.60Strong equivalent of the other anchor brews7.5
Golden ValleyBreconshire Brewery4.20Single variety soft hop. Gentle and direct bitterness with subtle tastes. Session.7.5
Malzbier(sports bar one)0.00More grainy and less refined than other. Very slightly bitter. Hints of horlicks. Slighter wetter and less rich.7.5
Früh KölschFrüh4.80Pils like Sion Kölsch, but with hoppy aftertaste that grows in mouth.7.5
Kasteel RougeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck8.00Red due to cherry, not ruby. Morello cherry aroma, with slight bitterness in a cherry pie filling. Long lingering aftertaste. Vibrant mouthfeel. Too much taste for many.7.5
La Trappe Dubbel De Koningshoeven Brewery7.00Dark ruby red, light foamy head, slightly yeast aroma and continuing flavour. Yeast can be piercing in places.7.5
4x4Wye Valley Brewery4.40Light golden ale, with sparkling fizz. Straight and fresh taste. Good aroma. No a lot of aftertaste. Better than expected for a branded ale.7.5
Waterloo DoubleDu Bocq8.50Brown and ruby colour, but straight brown taste. Slight fruit materializes on the back of the palet after a few seconds.7.5
BersalisBrasserie Oud Beersel9.50Recently created beer. Light blond, extra bitterness aftertaste with sweet aroma. With improvement could be a Leffe.7.5
Stone Caligornia Double IPAStone Brewery7.00Surprising deep golden ale. Hoppy (natch!) with malt backing.7.5
King Summer AleKing 4.00Light golden colour, refreshing bitterness. Slightly watery mouthfeel and aftertaste. Possibly too fizzy. Unassertive taste.7.5
Gravediggers mildChurch End3.80Mild taste, with burnt nose, and resonating soft toffee taste. A light porter. Dry on aftertaste.7.5
Premier BitterMoorhouse3.70Amber session beer. Standard pint, but good.7.5
Blackeney Red SV PerryHacks6.20Smooth, sweet, rounded, no sticky aftertaste.7.5
Oldfield SV PerryOliver's Orchards6.00Sharper and sweeter than the Hecks Blakeney. Still good.7.5
Worth the WaitBeeston4.20Golden ale, with slightly sparkling. Dry bitterness, with extra co2 on aftertaste.7.5
Orkney BlastHighland6.00Golden fullsome mouthfeel to remind you it's light , but strong biscuit malt a/t ultimately sits heavier on pallet. Woody aroma.7.5
Lord Lee'sNorth Yorkshire4.70Bright and fizzy beer, that's red-brown in colour and twin pairings of malt and sugar. Malt bitter after-taste.7.5
Gunners DaughterOld Cannon5.50Fizzy, yet rich, strong ale that's smooth throughout - from taste, to fullsome mouthfeel, to after-taste. Undetermined hop taste with fruity hops.7.5
Sweetheart StoutTennent Caledonian Breweries2.00Pours with consistency of cola, but less fizz. Aroma is spicy and sweet-between cinnamon and aniseed, which follows in the tastes. Thin, un-stout like. Holds well, easy drinker.7.5
Anastasias Exile StoutAscot Ales5.00Dark rich bottle ale. Visually flat, but discovers smooth bed of fizz when drunk. Rich and aromatic taste with dark caramel in taste.7.5
Alligator AleAscot Ales4.60US style single hop beer using cascade hops with refreshing rounded taste and citrus-come-meadow aroma. Light, but slightly bitter, taste with pleasant if shallow a/t. Session. Loses fizz quickly.7.5
EquinoxBrasserie De La Senne8.00Deep ruby to black in colour. Opens with fruity hops and strong bitterness, followed by a good continuing bitterness in the mouthfeel which lingers well into the aftertaste7.5
Taras Boulba Brasserie De La Senne4.50Slightly cloudy, not as bitter on initial taste as thought as it's balanced with quite a high hop content. But this beds down on tongue, and holds in a/t, to reveal solid bitterness.7.5
Dark HorseØRBÆK5.00Dark ruby with good head. Taste of bitter roasted malts, with only a subtle malt in aroma. Good beer to change gear from pale ales to dark ales7.5
JomfruhumleSøgaards Bryghus4.80Subtle grain aroma, and coloured a deep red. Strains of mild ESB and/or similarity to Doom Bar.7.5
ÆRØ Hertug Hans - No 5 ValnodRise Bryggeri7.00Good transition beer, that red fruit colour and maple aroma and flavour in a beer. Good with ribs or proper burger and chips with American bbq sauces or other sweet smoky sauces with a tomato base. Elements of AoverT or Tay Berry.7.5
ÆRØ Dark AleRise Bryggeri6.00Deep brown colour with a mild grain smell. Tastes of rich solid roasted grain, with a hint of caramel. Would hold it's own against most UK brown ales. The organic version has elements of cognac.7.5
Dark HorseØRBÆK5.00Dark ruby with good head. Subtle malt on nose, but tasting of bitter roasted malts. Good beer to change gear from pale ales to dark ales7.5
Mythique0.00Pure yellow golden, good foam head, citrus aroma, smooth mouthfeel and slightly tingle.7.5
ZagorkaZagorka (Heineken)5.00Bulgarian lager. Good pils, due to strength and not being like Heineken!7.5
Ezel BruinEzel8.50Sweet, slightly sugar with some caramel on aftertaste. Mild hop notes. Better taste than smell. Longer a/t if left, but muggy7.5
Firefly BitterFirefly0.00Light, slight fizz, no head, dark golden colour with lacings.7.5
Wild Oat StoutGlencoe Brewery0.00Perfectly drinkable oatmeal, but is either 'a cliche' or 'a template' of this style7.5
Black Jack PorterCliff Quay4.50Named for the anisseed sweet, much more pronounced in aroma, less in taste. If only it could have followed through.7.5
Smocked BockMeantime0.00Smooth, slightly fizzy, smokey aroma and taste, but subdued by soft malt mouth feel7.5
Hole Hearted Oakleaf4.70Golden yellow over-foamy (but my pint was lively, so might not be true) No taste problem, smooth bitter coating,good hop on nose, but less so on taste, going to dry bitterness instead.7.5
Organic BlondeHepworth5.00Clean golden colour and strong floral aroma. Similar to Asahi. Touch fizzy on start, settles to easy malt base. Lack of real a/t (but unlike Asahi, still strong on palete)7.5
Redhook ESBRedhook5.80Like full sail, with extra bitterness. ESB might be modeled after UK-style ESB, but it isn't.7.5
Golden ExportGordon Biersch5.00Large foam head, very light golden, surprising dry bitter, heading drier about 20 seconds into a/t7.5
SchwarzbierGordon Biersch4.29Good darker ale with roasted coffe-like finish and soft, slightly sweet and dry, malty over tones. But no points of difference from the 100 similar wannabe's in the market.7.5
North Star Red21st Amendment6.50Strong ruby fruit, dark red in colour, over a malt with tang and holding bitterness on tongue.7.5
CullodenCairngorm4.20Ruby red with port and fruit notes. Dry finish, and occasional other fruits.7.5
Okells AltOkells Brewery5.00Dark copper, cream head, and smooth. Not at 'alt' in the traditional sense.7.5
StrandgaperSchelde Brouwrik6.20Musky golden with tart stringent notes, with dry banana a/t, giving it more a wheat beer feel than blond of its description7.5
Harvest PaleCastle Rock3.80Supreme Champion at the 2010 GBBF. Good easy-drinking blonde beer with mild bite in a/t. Decent drink, but might as well be called 'Discovery' with all the similaraties it has with Fullers beer.7.5
PostmistressSandstone4.40Dark red in colour and smokey a/t. Worth trying.7.5
't Gaverhopke't Gaverhopke0.00Musty barley wine. MIght have been off.7.5
Union Amber AleMeantime4.90Amber ale is not amber! It's a light reddish brown, Vienna-style lager. Dry finish but wet a/t with too much fizz to make it a quaffer. Leads to a sipping drink, which leads to a lesser taste than you want with red and Vienna's.7.5
PerlaChmielowa6.00Big creamy malt. Fulsome pils. Needs foods to balance.7.5
KasztelanCarlsberg Polska 6.80Strong pils, but clean and crisp, with only slight cream of other Polish beers. Still has a fulnes sin throat. Lots of fizz tingle on tongue, slightly sour aftertaste.7.5
Texels BockTexels (Lowlander)7.00Light body with rich tastes. caramell touch with soft tongue finish. Like M+S Belgium Lager, but with darker overtones7.5
MagmaTroubador9.00Tripe IPA. Dry tingle with strong sour notes that tingle afterwards. Husky orange colour, like the bottle, with zesty on tongue.7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5
Monty's DoubleBurnards Cider6.00Dry cider. Slightly cloudy orangey colour, mild fizz only. Tart enough to be enjoyable without overpowering, with 1/2 the mouthfeel of a pear drop (but no pear taste.)7.5
Port EllenHartlands6.80Whisky cask, dark golden, sharp tartness, especially in aftertaste. Gulp, not sim, to get extra sharp hit.7.5
IPA is Dead - ChallengerBrewdog6.70Hop-based, light ale, following with a light cream. A real contrast to the other two. I think I was offered this to offset the cost of the others, actually! It is too hoppy for me to session this, but a good, but not remarkable beer.7.5
BerneBrewers Union5.00Unfiltered light golden/amber ale. Slightly dry, with slight rum notes and cream.7.5
EInstock PorterEInstock6.00Fruit cake on the nose, coffee on the tongue, but not as roasted as name suggested. It's either the Icelandic water, or biscuit and chocolate malts that offset them.7.5
Hop headPorterhouse4.80Hoppy (obviously!) with velvet malt and bitter bite on back7.5
Sunburnt Irish RedEight Degress Brewing5.00"Vimto beer". fruity berry, frothy cream on start. Will satiate palate quickly, like tayberry.7.5
Nelson SauvinMarstons4.00NZ hop. Clear biscuit golden, no head or co2. Refreshingly clean, slight cloy omn palate. Slight hold on a/t. Sip to get strong hop. Gulp for refreshment. Satiates by pint end. Aroma of gooseberry/grapefruit/citrus7.5
MilestoneLoxley4.20Fairly standard ale, low bitterness, moderate cream.. but an extra surprise if you gulp, as it tastes like cheese and onion crisps.7.5
BuddingStroud4.50A straw coloured pale ale - a standard that ticks all the boxes with sweet malt and floral.7.5
Red hunterHammerpot4.30Flowing red ale with roasted malt, and long finish. Prefix with Red Barn (e.g.) to get an extra coffee hit7.5
ExcelsoirOssett5.20A dependable strong pale ale, from a dependable brewery.7.5
HorsesugarWood Street3.90A light malty taste, without an abundance of hop, by slightly tart. Something to have in halves.7.5
KelpieWilliam Bros Brewing Company4.40Rich chocolate beer with touch of salt. Claims to be seaweed - could be, but just salt and 'interesting' tastes to my buds.7.5
HoggleysSolstice Stout5.00Expectant black stout using malt and wheat. The latter takes the edge of what should be brilliant, since nothing exists in a pure enough form to shine through. Did win ''best local drink'' for Northamptonshire, which might appeal to those that share the water table, but misses the mark for those that don't. Still good.7.5
Stout - 08|01 - Export StrengthBrew by Numbers6.60The stout's also good, with more of an espresso tang that I was expecting.7.5
American Bitter Red21st Amendment4.40Amber color and floral nose with good malt backbone. Overdone on the bitterness, given the malt and ruby elements. Dry-hopped with cascade.7.5
Black AleStone Brewing Co.5.00Sillky black, heading to Budvar black, with many added hops so feels like American IPA7.5
Toasted Oak IPAInnis & Gunn5.60Light biscuit malt, overpowered by the usual range of floral/earth/citrus. Good a/t. Good beer, but given their others, it's a let down.7.5
Honey FayreConwy4.50Smooth beer, despite lots of bitter sediment at bottom. Standard ale, drinkable, with touch of the Welsh version of Double Dragon7.5
Op & TopDe Molen4.50Dutch hoppy beer. Trying to be too clever, and turns out like every other hoppy 'artisan' beer7.5
Bier AmbreePage 246.90A solid amber beer, with all expected accoutrements. Better on tap, though.7.5
Jenlain AmbreeBrasserie Duyck7.50Very odd amber beer, in a can. An amber can. Strong and nutty flavours, and quite palatable.7.5
Den 12Brouwerij 't Gaverhopke12.00Dark brown with beige foam. Solid fruit tastes, but nothing lingers. Lost opportunity, but drinkable for 3-4 glasses.7.5
Farmhouse CiderCornish Orchard4.80Fruit aromas and apple flavour. Mellow, and easy entry level.7.5
PerryThatcher's6.00A decent, if uncomplex, perry. Have everything you expect, not much more, but well executed7.5
Winter WoollyCotswold Lion Brewery6.70Black w/slight cola foam. Nutty. Reasonably smooth.7.5
Rye o RyeAlchemy5.60Biscuit golden dark amber. Soft bitter w/slight attack on a/t. Large head which dissipates after 5 minutse and/or 3rd moutful. 7.5
C K JasneC K Brower0.00Like Urqell. Good and bright pils. Slight spice, but slightly tart7.5
WeizenC K Brower0.00W/o the usual banana overload, but as if a lemon had been dropped in7.5
DunkelC K Brower0.00Light malt, light fizz, doesn't stain palate. Inoffensive version of something that should have been better7.5
Myrha Pale AleGoutte d'Or5.00Spiked bitter palate. Cloudy golden colour. Hopped fizz. No head7.5
Shed Head Backyard Brewery4.60US-style IPA dry hopped with Cascade and Citra, but very much a Pale Ale. Fulfills on its promises7.5
YoreLyme Bay Winery4.00Like a popularist cider: bright, sparkling, fun, but with honey through line7.5
Bad AppleCarlsberg5.104-blend cider with a slight tang in main body, and sherbet at end. Touch of inspiration from US ciders.7.5
Jack Branch Ease Up IPAAdnams4.60American style IPA. Solid, and manages to be an introduction to IPAs due to less obvious hop punch7.5
AmberAbolition Brewery5.20American-style Amber with sweetness on palate and light roast and copper on top.7.5
Milk StoutAbolition Brewery6.40Follows the standards of the genre, without managing to stand out.7.5
Old WallopDavy's4.80Malty, light co2, but rich beer similar to Directors or Speckled Hen7.5

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