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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
PiraatVan Steenberge10.50Solid, but not a pils. Strong, with strong aftertaste.8.0
DubbleWitkap Pater 7.00Strong, solid brown. Like a winter ale, without having the xmas branding. It holds a wet aftertaste.8.0
FraisesChapeau De Troch3.50Fresh strawberries. Similar to a triffle, or jelly. Because it’s got the creaminess of a triffle. And the fresh is because it tastes like real fresh straws have been used, and not concentrate.8.0
Le Verger de GivernyThe orchard of Giverny5.00Sweet, slightly syrupy (so better watered with ice). Golden color. 8.0
MoonrakerJ W Lees7.50Smooth, 2nd hit of caramel, dry. Holds on the palette. Good with food. Might be too much for session.8.0
Oscar WildeMighty Oak3.50A good mild with hints of chocolate, malt, and coffee.8.0
GrottenbeirSt Bernadus 6.50Aromatic dark ale, thin, but nice taste. CO2 holds in the mouth8.0
Malheur Dark BrutMalheur 12.00Very strong, burnt caramel, disparates flavours with good complexities8.0
Fruit de BoisGrisette3.50Liquid fruit, sweet, light, minimal CO2 and lingering aftertaste8.0
Wittekerk RoseBavik4.30Wheat-based fruit beer. Raspberry aroma. Not too sweet.8.0
Pitch blackEverards4.30Dark stout, roast aftertaste, strong bitter.8.0
Hoegaarden RoséHoegaarden, InBev4.50Very fruity nose, very little as it goes down, but very little sweetness. Framboise dies quickly.8.0
Kasteel BlondeBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Good blonde leanings, with fizz. Both dissipate.8.0
Leute BokbierVan Steenberge7.50Good solid brown/dark red beer. Very prominent aftertaste. Yeast, cheery, and fruit flavours.8.0
Dorothy Goodbodys Golden AleWye Valley Brewery4.20Great aroma of hops and citris, with smooth flow and gentle mouthfeel. Has a few bubbles. Earthy finish8.0
Old BobRidley's, through Greene King5.10Rounded, smooth, red bitter. Dark fruity aroma. Enjoyable direct mouthfeel.8.0
Coopers Sparking Ale Coopers5.80Light, fizzy, and refreshing, with golden colour and quite sweet malts. Yeast must be suspended.8.0
Abbot AleGreene King5.00Full ripe flavours or malt, hops, with fruit and floral over tones. Good for cold weather.8.0
Jaipur IPAThornbridge Brewery5.90Lovely bouquet, underpinning the honey tastes than come later. Strong hoppiness, which dissipates into a tight bitter finish8.0
Keizer KarelHaacht9.00Blonde Belgian beer with truly wonderful aroma. Hoppy and light, but heavy in alcohol. Intriguing.8.0
TemptationDurham Brewery10.00A Russian stout with black body, cola-like head, with brown scintilating head rounded bitterness with soft chocolate malts, hints of burnt coffee and licorice.8.0
Ramblers RuinBreconshire Brewery5.00Dark amber beer made with crystal and black malts. Mild tastings, smooth with sensible head and good body. Holds with soft malt in mouth. Touch of biscuit.8.0
Otley GardenOtley Brewing5.40Honey touches throughout beer - mouthfeel, taste and follow-through. Light, murky (but pleasant) visually, with light co2.8.0
Three FeathersGreat Orme5.00Good mix of bitter and sweet. Slight cream texture. Light taste and mouthfeel.8.0
Schöfferhofer HefeweizenBinding-Brauerei (Oetker Group)5.00Sweet apple and citrus aroma. Amber colour wheat beer with tang of green banana. Not much of aftertaste, which is fortunate given the fruits already present.8.0
Brand Dark BrownBrand3.50Brown ale, like name suggests. Light malt taste (like a malzbier-lite), strong aftertaste of hop and honey, with all tastes pulling together.8.0
Redstreak SVPerry’s of Somerset6.00A cider, despite the name. Medium sweet, intoxicating aroma. Good introduction to real cider.8.0
A over THogsback9.00A strange beer from this, usually traditional, brewery. Very strong in alcohol and flavour, like liquid raisins - which occupy nose and pallet. For dedicated fans only.8.0
Alton's PrideTriple FFF3.80Light golden, but slightly cloudy, sharp fizzy beer with slight malt and growing aftertaste. Won 2008 champion beer. Good standard, yet inoffensive, beer.8.0
Black Dog FreddyBeckstones3.80Black in name and nature. Not hollow, but balanced and slight in taste and a/t. Mellow throughout, while keeping all characteristics of a mild. Grows to session.8.0
Monkman's SlaughterCropton6.00Full rounded beer which is nicely rich and warmed like a coal fire at midnight. A full-rounded mouthfeel and taste reminiscent of fruit and nut chocolate, slightly over burnt with caramel.8.0
Ruby MildHopshackle5.80Dark ruby in colour, with light foam head. Basic malt aromd, but sweet malts means strains of Belgian stout, "Hercule" are here - only without the licorice.8.0
RedwingPotton4.80Red means ruby - ruby in full-bodied visual appeal, ruby in follow through, ruby in the malt and fruit aroma. Quickly dying fruit finish.8.0
TaiphoonHopback Brewery4.20Light ale with corresponding light golden colour. Soft foam head, and delicate taste. Primary tang is lemongrass, making it good for mild curries (as anything stronger would destroy the taste) slight fruityness also. Although soft cream and mixed hop tast8.0
Gulden DraakBrewery Van Steenberge10.50Triple. Dark as Kasteel Bruin, with a light tart-ness like a Faro or Gueuze. Good beer, but not sure what it wants to be.8.0
Hertog Jan Gran PrestigeArcense Bierbrouwerij10.00Dark, malty beer with smokiness (often attributed to mild coffee/chocolate) SOmetimes considered a barley wine.8.0
Kingston BlackMillwights6.00Dry, good follows at back of mouth, but not as interesting or layered as the Heck's cider from the same apple8.0
Double Brown AleSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Raisin aroma with sour dough mouthfeel. Deep brown, foamy head, gives way to quaffable, session brown ale, more taste in aftertaste that during drinking.8.0
Rød QuinuaSøgaards Bryghus4.50Golden red beer with fruit blossom. Morrello (sour) cherry. Not sure if this is trying to be a ruby beer and misses or a fruit beer and makes it.8.0
Stout Kong ArthurRise Bryggeri6.00Dense black beer, with roast grain and bitter chocolate on the nose. Rich roasted grain and smooth warming taste, between a stout and a mild. Would hold its own in the UK stout market8.0
Utzon Center DarkSøgaards Bryghus5.60Solid black appearance, but the base maintains a transparency with visible suspended grain. Distinctive smell roasted malts, follows in taste, reminiscent of good English mild stout. Good accompaniment to a traditional home made steak pie8.0
Gwatkins PerryGwatkins8.00Fizzy, full mouthfeel, continues to tingle in aftertaste8.0
IPAMeantime7.50Masculine beer, with aromatic nose. Light but full bitterness, with slight rough after-taste.8.0
Coffee PorterMeantime6.00Aroma of unroasted beans, taste of cold coffee. Drinkable in an odd way. Enjoyment is 100% linked to coffee (unlike coffee-like milds). Similar to Temptation (Durham)8.0
St MungoWest Beer4.90Tight bitterness, light but filling with rounded fizzziness and butter on nose to follow through. A/t is dry bitterness that disappears on tongue (touches sides), but holds and follows through finishing crisp8.0
Billy Sunday BitterMagnolia Brew Pub4.70Musky homebrew aroma with golden body and small foam head. Smooth rich, like English ale (Abbot, possibly) despite initial misgivings. Session alt. Not overtly suitable for food.8.0
HefeweizenGordon Biersch5.50Banana notes are of dried blackened variety, similar to Mitchel Krausse. A/t holds bitneress, although not overtly bitter in itself. Smooth mouthfeel in a/t like thick banana milk shake, or smoothie.8.0
Czeh PilsnerGordon Biersch5.60A "nothing wrong with it" beer. More spice and/or bitter (in alternate sequence) than a Czech variants (or is it just because it doesn't travel), but probably skewed to USA taste preferences for IPA8.0
Farmers GloryWadworth4.70Moderate red colour. Rich and malty, very obvious orange peel. Not a session, but strength akin to Broadside.8.0
Little Creatures Pale AleLittle Creatures5.20Hop (Chinook and Cascade) nose, creamy malt mouth feel. Golden syrup in color, with smallish head. Very pleasant.8.0
Lord MarplesTigertops4.00Smooth flowing beer with soft fizz and lively foam head. Rounded bitterness and highly drinkable.8.0
London StoutMeantime4.50Black with tinges of deep red if held to light. Finger-high foam head. Deep roast tastes, leading lighter in a/t, which leaves tingle (asking you to return.) Magically hidden smoke. Blow-torched vegemite-on-toast. Dry finish, but not so bitter8.0
IPAMeantime7.50Caramel fused with Belgium-based blonde. Full, bouncy, with sparkling bitter on tongue in a/t.8.0
London PorterMeantime6.50Very strong, dark red with black tinges. Smoked chocolate and brown malts and 100% fuggle hop. Caramelized sugar taste, but without the overpowering sweetness. Rich aroma, with slight raisin. An end of evening beer; max 2 per session.8.0
St. StefanusVan Steenberge7.00Abbey beer fom Ghent. Golden amber, with creamy mouthfeel, and biscuit notes. Pleasany dry aftetaste. Uses live yeast, in bottle, so can be left.8.0
Organic DarkFreedom4.70Not dark, but dark golden/ruby with a soft cream and light bitterness. The bitterness re-touches the palate in the aftertaste. Touch of sweetness8.0
1850 London PorterPitfield5.00Thin velvet-like tayberry, which opens out in the aftertaste. Still coffee-style bitterness in palate. Better if gulped.8.0
White BearKempsey4.50Golden ale, slight head and moderate fizz. Caramel taste and cream malt with long bitterness and hop that lingers.8.0
Temple BrauPorterhouse4.30Light, almost candy sugar on tongue (sim Leffe), but very light in comparison.8.0
Brain BlastaPorterhouse7.00Golden and compact offwhite head. Sweet aroma and malty taste. Weak fizz and long bitter a/t8.0
Imperial StoutYoungs10.00Smooth, rice, with everything that an imperial stout should be. Maybe not different enough to chocolate stout in quality to warrant the price difference. (Rem: it's in smaller bottles, too!)8.0
Hazelnut Coffee PorterSaltaire4.60A conflicted beer, which is smooth but not really a porter. With coffee for sure, but barely notes of hazelnut.8.0
Pathfinder - Gluten Free AleGlebe Farm4.20Clean and crisp, almost lager in style, with slight touches of malt. No difference between it and gluten-based beer.8.0
AlbaWilliam Bros Brewing Company7.50Tawny brown with spruce flavours and rich malt. The 'pine needle' infusion might appear as a gimmick, but that doesn't stop it been highly drinkable.8.0
GrozetWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00A gooseberry beer. Gimmick, for sure, but as a doubly fermented beer that's half way between light ale and wheat beer is more drinkable that it should be!8.0
MerlynGreat Orme Brewery 4.90Strong, slightly spicy, with bitter spice at end.8.0
Red HerringGreen Jack4.20Smoked, but not rauchen, beer with nice malt. Made with Challenger hops. Notes of fruit and dry finish8.0
FUBARTiny Revel4.40Husky golden beer with floral hops and dry spice bitter. Also slightly tart w/cream. Tastes confuse itself, but pleasant.8.0
AurelioTwo Fingers Brewing / Hepworth4.80Dusky amber colour, with sweet nose, and complex mix of sweet, bitter and citrus notes. Compares favourably to a less sweet Leffe.8.0
Augustiner DunkelAugustiner-Bru5.60Close to ruby than dunkel. Very good, with malt and sweetness.8.0
Ayinger JahrhundertbierBrauerei Aying5.50Draw straw colour, caramel and toffee in mouth.8.0
Ayinger WinterbockBrauerei Aying6.70Very much like a dark lager, mixed with a mild.8.0
L'AngelusLa Chapelle d'Armentieres7.00Fragrant pale ale with fizz, and stoic aftertaste. Amusing label design of religious fervor.8.0
RhubarbedSandford Orchard's5.50Tang of rhubarb, hence the name, but despite the gimmick is dry-to-medium and complex.8.0
IngwerC K Brower0.00Smooth, light fizz. Touch of giners8.0
MiodoweC K Brower0.00Musky fruit beer, w/pungent a/t Too much spice and honey. But still tasty.8.0
La ChapelleGoutte d'Or5.00Bright, aromatic foam which bubbles endlessly. Musky. Similar to Karmeliet, in a good way8.0
Craftsman CiderKentish Pip5.90Apple juice, with very slight extra tartness. no fizz. Doesn't feel like there's alcohol in there.8.0
Golden DropBarbourne5.00Apple juice with passion fruit tang. No fizz. Highly pleasant.8.0
Roundhead PerryCromwell's5.20Simple perry. Direct in flavour. Highly drinkable.8.0
Smokin AngelLeighton Buzzard4.50Light-weight rauchbier, with smoke, malt, and all the expected tastes. But in a "lite" format. Still worthwhile.8.0
Queue de CharrueBrasserie Vanuxeem5.40A Vieille brune flamande (old Flemmish brown) with excellent sour notes and an over hint on balsamic vinegar. (In a good way.)8.0
Hacker-Pschorr Braumeister PilsHacker-Pschorr5.00Golden, clear, with head. As good as most other Munich-style beers.8.0
ProvhaStaropramen4.00Light version of Staropramen, similar to a Becks vier. Crisp, dry, and fizzy. A Czech-lite experience.8.0
Bohemia RegentJ.W.Lees5.00Crisp, dry, with fizz. Fulfills expectations, without exceeding in anything.8.0
Fresh Root Ginger CiderThistly Cross4.00Full bodied to the point it tastes like strawberry jam. But it's a clear gold colour and medium dry, otherwise.8.0
Moritz (bottle)Cerveses Moritz5.40An improved version over the cask equivalent. Favourable parallels to Sagres Bohemia8.0
GladiatorLilley's8.50Strong rustic cider, like a slightly thinned scrumpy with raw touches, without being painful8.0
Pear CidreL'Atypique4.50Tangy and clean, proving that pear doesn't need to taste like pear drops.8.0

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