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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Centurian's ghostYork5.40Hollow at start, but solid by end. Heading towards a session dark. A grower. 8.5
Blakeney RedHecks6.50Enjoyable tartness, good kick, Wonderful!8.5
Liberty AleAnchor6.00Good America IPA. Good solid hop bitterness, balanced with aromatic sweetness courtesy of the malts.8.5
Butty BachWye Valley Brewery4.50Full but understated ale, disipating head, smooth and light with dedicate fizz.8.5
Old GrowlerNethergate Brewery5.50A true winter beer. Deep ruby colours, with smooth roast malts and fruit tangs. Touch of licorice. Better than Pied Boeuf.8.5
Strong ArmCamerons4.00Deep ruby red coloured ale. Small full cream head. Tingles on tongue before a rush of smooth cream overpowers it. Lefted with creamed layer on tongue, and velvet head on lips.8.5
1845Fullers6.30Highly spiced, rich, copper/ruby ale. Bottled only. Good malt, slight sour taste, but pleasent. Fullsome mouthfeel.8.5
Newtons Medium PerryNewtons 7.00Strong pear taste, especially at end. Easy drinking, very good.8.5
MalzbierCramer0.00Very dark brown red body, fine head. Malt syrup but goes down smooth despite appearance. Slight hold on aftertaste. Hints of honey8.5
Brand PilsBrand5.00Despite being a pils, and from Heineken, this has a good hoppy taste which follows through into aftertaste. In short pils with bite and interest. Not disilimar to Urquell.8.5
Dancing HenFelstar6.00Brewed using double decoction. Quite sweet, but other many interest flavours, none of them easy to describe. Therefore, try it!8.5
Christmas AleAnchor Steam0.00Variable - depending on the year8.5
PerryBroadoak7.50Mild pear drop taste, with very weak lime over the top. No fizz. Infinitely drinkable8.5
Den Udødelige HestSvaneke Bryghuset7.50Guinness dark colour with dark brown foam head. Strong grain aroma. Caramel, roasted grain, very rich and filling taste, but a little too fizzy on after taste.8.5
Yarlington MillGwatkins8.00Fizzy golden yellow cider. Full-on apple aroma. Slightly too much syrup. Clean. No sediment.8.5
SchiehallionHarviestoun4.80Hoppy, strong and spicy which jumps out; something to remind you that lager can bite. 8.5
MaibockGordon Biersch8.00Tart bitter taste, with dryness holding into the a/t. A very perculiar over-arching taste (similarities to Dancing Hen from Felstar). Also named "Abusive Girlfriend", because it's strong abv makes it very bad for you; but the intruiging taste makes you co8.5
Verboden VruchtHoegaarden0.00The forbidden fruit with adam and eve label. Melted honey on toast flavour, with fizz. Medium brown husk appearance with shade similar to Grottenbier. Smooth, enjoyable8.5
JuraParadox15.00Overly dark and creamy, with a tight pallet and tayberry feel in mouth and on taste. Notes of dark demorare sugar, but without a full sweetness aftertaste. The whisky cask certainly helps here, and while Jura isn't my favourite Whisky, it's good enoug8.5
FraochWilliam Bros Brewing Company5.00Amber ale with moderate malt taste, herbal (heather) flavours, and flora aroma. Good dry finish.8.5
Saison - 01|05 - Saphir & LemonBrew by Numbers5.30Light and refreshing, but with taste. Impressive piece of work.8.5
The Abbot's ConfessionGreene King8.50Red ruby color, with sweet and richness akin to ESB, or a Golden Pride if someone tipped berries into it8.5
Tally-HoAdnams4.10Heading to a barley wine. Too sweet and cloying, really, with dark cherry bite. Biscuit and raisin on palate. Have no more than 1/38.5
Whisky Cask CiderThistly Cross6.90Honey gives it a clear look and very smooth taste. Quite dry. Drink lots!8.5
NightporterBronckhorster8.00Pitch black stout. Chocolate, coffee, and liquorice. Too strong a coffee (for me) w/ berry hints. (7/10 for me 8.5 if you're coffee fan)8.5
Skull SplitterOrkney8.50Strong with fruity malt, and touches of balanced hop. With sweetness and spiceness.8.5
Whisky CaskThistly Cross6.90Blurb says: Matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks this is a dry & subtle cider. Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. Nothing to add!8.5

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