Here are the beer cellar reviews, listed according to their scores. Those graded with identical scores are listed together, without any significance to their internal order.

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BeerBreweryABV (%)CommentsScore:/10
Chapeau LemonDeTroch3.50Amber beer, competing lemon and bitter.9.0
Kasteel BruneBrouwerij Van Honsebrouck11.00Top fermented with barley malt. Full bitter mouthfeel, long linger sweet aftertaste.9.0
Country CoolGrisette3.50Primarily apple. Refreshing. Little aftertaste.9.0
AdelscottFischer6.60Clear amber pils, with small head, but made with Whisky. Fruity notes and salmon aroma and dry finish. Good coating at end. Fizziness is similar to lager.9.0
Rauchbier MärzenBrauerei Heller-Trum5.10A slightly red, smoked beer! Like bacon or kippers, but never overpowering.9.0
Old TomRobinsons8.50Strong ale, good lasting head. Warm pepperish taste that's pure liquid licorice. A comfort beer, in every sense.9.0
Brakspear TripleBrakspear7.20Nuts in taste, and on the nose. With soft caramel and malts. Like and English Chimay. Has three processes. Goes with blue cheese.9.0
Fursty FerretHall and Woodhouse4.40Golden orange colour. Off-white head, and toffee aroma. Fruit, citris,pepper tastes, with a good (but not overpowering) caramel taste.9.0
Double Chocolate StoutWells and Youngs5.20Multi-medal winning dark ale, with complex rich chocolate malts and full mouthfeel. Quite sweet. Perfect beer to end an evening, or as comfort ale.9.0
Dorothy Goodbody Wholesome StoutWye Valley Brewery4.60Black, with a full and creamy head. Slightly dry, nutty and chocolate notes on the nose, with a slight thin fizz.9.0
Golden PrideFullers8.50Mahogany red, with toffee, spices, and malt flavours. Imagine a London Pride, but turned to 11.9.0
Affligem NoelAffligem9.00A dark spicy brew, with many many hiddens tastes such as cinnamon, fruit, sugary malts, aniseed, nutmeg, citrus and raisins9.0
Rodenbach Grand CruBrouwerij Rodenbach (Palm)6.00"Happy Juice"9.0
Duchesse de Bourgogne Brouwerij Verhaeghe 6.009.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12St. Bernardus10.50Rich ruby brown colour with spice and herbs in the taste, alongside the typical caramel and chocolate.9.0
SpindriftAdnams 5.00Cold filtered, tastes not disimillar to Leffe Blonde9.0
St Bernardus Abt 12Brouwerij ST.Bernard10.50Dark colour with soft rich flavour, and elements of fruit.9.0
GrottenbierBrouwerij ST.Bernard6.50Kept cool in caves at 11, this has 2nd bottle fermentation, and medium dark look with more taste than expected. Really tasty.9.0
Choko StoutSvaneke Bryghuset5.70Pitch black beer with cola-like foam. Choc and vanilla aroma and smooth fluid mouth feel with a holding chocolate aftertaste akin to melted chocolate. Tastes like combination of dark and milk chocolate, like a gooey choc brownie. Good final beer of evenin9.0
Yule AleRise Bryggeri7.00Reddish ale with sweet and slightly spicy tang and gentle fizz. Has notes of a less rich ESB. Touch of banana.9.0
Golden Pride (tap)Fullers8.50As stunning as the bottled variety, with extra heat on a/t, like aroma of double salt licorice. Needs a coupe of mouthfulls to get into it.9.0
Chateau RougeGoutte d'Or6.50A proper red beer. Balanced. Tasty.9.0
Death or GloryTring7.20Strong, dark, and very much a barley wine. Could be a Christmas pudding in liquid form.9.0

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